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Default GNGWC 2010 Round-Up!

Greetings Atlantians,

As most of you know, GNGWC 2010 North American Regional took place Saturday, July 31st 2010 at Howie's Game Shack in Buena Park, California. The experience was amazing and I'm sure it was for all of those that participated and joined us. Players began to arrive at 10:00 am to sign in, and were greeted with some awesome Atlantica Online gear! Players received An exclusive red Atlantica Troy t-shirt along with some GNGWC Goodies. The red Atlantica Troy shirt can be seen being worn by Atlantica Staff and a few players in our GNGWC 2010 album.

As soon as all the players got settled into their divisions and rules were explained to them, it was time to battle! The matches were intense as players fought to come out on top of their division. In the end four players made it to the top of their divisions, VirusBlade of Macedon, RobinSwan of Sikyon, Sarduarkar of Argos, and Bograt of Mycenae. After a quick lunch break, it was time for the 4 finalists to face off! VirusBlade vs. RobinSwan and Sarduarkar vs. Bograt. All players fought well but in the end, it was RobinSwan and Sarduarkar who lead the pack.

Since RobinSawn and Sarduarkar earned their spot to fight in the finals, VirusBlade and Bograt had to compete to see who would take home 3rd place in the GNGWC 2010 North American Regional. In a valiant best out of 5 match, VirusBlade overcame is opponent taking the 3rd place spot. And though Bograt, Krullgar, Timb3r, Jeisa, Joker758, Elissis, xThugx, Voldermost, Feelmyrifle, and Kerelious did not place they still had an awesome time at GNGWC!

Before the final match to determine first place could occur we had a special and exclusive preview of our new TBS system for all the participants and spectators at GNGWC to enjoy. Players Timb3r, VirusBlade, Jeisa and Elissis were lucky enough to test it out then supply their feedback of our new battle system. For being so awesome, all players that tested TBS were rewarded with three Atlantica shirts which showcase mercenaries, two of which have not been released to market yet.

Finally it was time for RobinSawn and Sarduarkar to face off, though the two of them already secured seats to Korea, only one of them could take the 1st place title at GNGWC 2010 North America Regional.

The battles were intense and many of the matches were close, it was hard to guess who would win each Battle! However, with a three win streak, RobinSwan proved to be the best of the best and placed 1st.

At the closing ceremonies we presented our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with an incredible gift bag! The top 3 winners received:
- Atlantica Online T-Shirt
- Exclusive Atlantica Online Flash Drive
- Atlantica Online Hat
- Atlantica Online 2010 Calender
- Exclusive Atlantica Online Chibi-Mercenary Mug
- 2 unique Atlantica Online Mousepads
- 1 Wonderking Mousepad
- 1 Wonderking Cellphone charm and screen cleaner
- Atlantica Online Poster featuring the Prophet Mercenary
- And a brand new Sony PSP!

Our other players did not go home empty handed either. They received the exact same prizes as our winners, except for the PSP. Instead of the PSP the Runner-Ups received a Belkin laptop bag to carry all their prizes in. Congratulations to the winners and a heartfelt thank you to all who joined us at GNGWC 2010! Good luck to RobinSwan and Sarduarkar at the World Finals in Korea!