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Default Upgrading Passive Abilities vs. their correspondent Stats

Many skills in the game are passive, like Tumble, Mineproof, Pounce, and more. When you upgrade them, the point value is worth half of its correspondent hero (Pounce > Speed, Mineproof > Defense, etc.). In the situation of upgrading, which do you think is more advantageous for someone?

To me, I prefer upgrading the passive skills because the cost is the same, and it's more versatile. Two Upgrade Points for One Defense is the same as One Upgrade Point for 1/2 Defense. Yet, if we were to switch out for epics, we would have faster cooldown. Assuming we switched it out for the Epic gear we wanted, we would do much better with its upgraded cooldown than the extra defense. Not to mention we're only using one point versus two points per level. I feel more builds are possible when upgrading the passive abilities instead.

What do you think?

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