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Originally Posted by maxpayne
Elsword HK Main Page

This is WHAT william event is all about how long have i waited for this(but feels a chill down the spine)

To get william ticket:
Get william coins(can be dropped from dungeons) and william gold card(from your 1 hour log in timer) and go to the alchemist to craft your william ticket(x5) box.

[need help on clear translation of the prizes from chinese to english since my nose is bleeding from all the englsish stuff ]
Complete the quest in william space everyday to get the corresponding prizes
Weekdays-->"space-time extraction device" and "flame box"
Weekends-->"space-time extraction device" and "random jewelry box"

Flame Box will contain the following items but you can only get one:
-->full restoration of syrup
-->tolerance syrup
-->intermediate magic potion
-->intermediate physical medicine
new items or just recycled; pls someone verify this items for me

There is a chance that any boss will drop a "luminous space rock" which will be used to alchemize some items but you can only get one per william space run.
The 2 items on the quest refers to the "luminous space rock" on max's post. You can only get 5 tickets for henrir each day so you have to make each one count and hope that luck is on your side that the item would drop.