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in addition to learning how to predict properly, you should also learn how to move around them well enough so they can't predict you properly. once they try to starter you but miss you a little bit it'll be an easier starter for you.
For AAS: remember when you AAS and miss, you can only dash forwards or backwards to cancel the delay of the S.
For AS: it's slower so it's easier for them to run away from, or they can even attack you before you get to the S. the plus side is you can instantly dash out of it in any direction if you mess up. you can also stay at a further distance than AAS because the S from AS has more range. AS is a bit easier to pull off when you do it from their back because the A doesn't make them turn around, so you'll be safe from them spamming their A to try to get out
if you learn to use sacred wave properly, it'll be as reliable as a seig's voke