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Originally Posted by Linverse
I STOP Using it when I got it to 150... Then I started MY OWN Life ... So I did NOTHING to it..

EDIT: This acc. was someone and HE IS THE ONE Who told me... I just did what he said... Its HIS FAULT Not MINE... and This makes him Trust me.. Since I DID ALL THE Things he said.. I even GOT HIM A SHINING CRYSTAL Sword.. ZORRA Equips.. DANIHEN EQUIPS.. All I did is just try to make it strong.. and THATS IT No Scam/Hack ... [ Just trying to clear up ] P.S. I buy my OWN MS.. I miss the old Days Q_Q
*pats you* dont worry be sure that your sheepy wont be hacked yea ^^
teh 2 chars of yours got hacked already so be careful X3
dont worry your 2 chars are hacked and scammped ppl it isnt still you XD
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