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Thumbs up Wow....I'm actually enjoying this game.

I'm usually skeptical around the 3d mmorgs (Cabal, Flyff, Holy Beast). But so far I'm not finding a problem with Grand Fantasia. I'm only around 2x, but I'm liking a lot of the features you start with. I mean when I heard you can make your own equip sets and you're build is not bound by skill points...I was like " are you serious ". Even got a mount to look forward to at 40+. I don't know, if there's something bad about this game, I haven't run into it yet. I'm not a fan of Aeria and kind of wish they had tighter account security. But that's about it.

I decided to try a sage, since I like the hybrid concept. I always play magic classes, but being able to melee when I want sounds nice. Only wish the female magic avatars were a little less gaudy, but at least they don't look like complete sluts in this game (big plus for female gamers). Yeah the guys don't mind playing a character that looks like a stripper...but the girls usually want something that doesn't look like Paris Hilton in scale leather.

I laughed when I found out that the wizard in this game is actually one of the beginner-friendly classes for once. Cheap too. I might try one. But for now I'm having fun with my hammer sage.

Oh and I love the sprite system. They're so cute. And actually tradable omg. My guardian sprite is armor and the sets it spits out help me a lot rofl.