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AradSociety - Skill Planner
heres a level 60 lightsaber one, lots of extra SP since i dont know how you play. Wave wheel + cancel is optional, but i personally like it. You can choose to get flipside if you like, some people find it useless, i personally think its great. Auto guard you can choose to get or not at all, it all depends if you think you can guard things yourself, or just not get it due to short duration even at max.Choose what you want in the rest of the build. Just dont get tempered attack, its useless. Thrust is your choice if you want the lightsaber passive to effect it. Level up the other skills if you like/constantly use them.

As for the katana build it is basically the same build, except you get rid of light saber mastery and get katana mastery to 6(you have a passive skill that ups its mastery to 7)

Honestly, its better to build you own build(different people different play style), all you really need is the help from other people to know which skills you think are good, but are actually useless. Most of the time you can either get things like flipside counter and the other helpful skill levels/passives, or you can just mass level up your constantly used skills. Dont level up triple slash to anything higher than 5, since its only used to run away or small extra hits.