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IGN: ShuiLong
Class: Elemental Master lt_sorcerer
Level: 153
Guild: Lollipop

Phantom Mages aren't getting much love. There haven't been any long videos on them so far (I have been searching Naver, NicoNico, YouTube, Google, the Korean LaTale website, and tons of blogs xD).

More videos! The video site fails, but oh well.
Rogue Master vs. Psykicker (changed my mind about Psykickers. their mobility is insane.)
Rogue Master vs. Terror Knight
Rogue Master vs. Highlander
Rogue Master vs. Star Seeker
Rogue Master vs. Sword Dancer
-> a few more Rogue Master ones here, mostly solo stuff/pvp against non subclasses
Flashy video with clips of all classes.

Also, here's the Phantom Mage skill tree and some words about these people's builds (in Korean, of course).

Maestro Skills

P.S. Thanks for all your work, HorieChan! I tried to post a comment on your blog a while back but it didn't work. D=
Some suggestions...
=> An alternative translation for "파르티투르" would be "partitur" rather than "partita". A partitur is a full orchestral score in German, whereas a partita is a specific type of musical piece. They both make sense, but "pareutitureu" seems more like partitur than partita.
edit: I found something that may be useful. clicky! Well, it probably would have been more useful before you translated everything. x.x;

I'm guessing "알라르란도" was a typo on Actoz's part. Should have been "알라르간도", no?

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