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Default PrincessLenne Answers!

You asked nicely, so here it comes!


Originally Posted by Aimee
Hair-eating bacteria.

Large larva eating ants, gut ripping birds, blood sucking maggots,

I could go on.

Originally Posted by Shnao
What makes you like shotas so much?
Cuteness and adorableness. Homosexuality-ness makes it even better

Originally Posted by Light
Why do you want your brother to become a homo? How does he honestly feel about you trying to force him to be gay?
Well, I want him to stay homo (meaning Leon already was) and he's fine with it... well more like he also wants to stay homo. He said he doesn't mind me helping, as long as I don't overdo it.

Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal
Why do you have so many Lunia Characturs?
Every new Lunia character has a different class, which means different playstyle and I like a variety. Also, different new skills that make the character look epic.

I also wanna try to master playing the class with his/her tricks and combos (windmill, special shift, etc)

Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Comment: traps > shotas
Go die in a pit of fire

Originally Posted by PedroRomero
what is your favorite kind of dessert?
Let's see either creme bulee or chocolate chip croissant -w- it's a good thing my mom works at a french restaurant so I can have those things.

(I prefer strawberries in my creme bulee)

Originally Posted by Milkshakes
Raped Leon yet?
If you haven't, has Leon raped anybody yet?

Did it for light. <3
I'm a girl, no, and I would never do it in the first place. Leon prefers a boy =/

And...Leon wished he had "pleasurable rape" with his best friend.

Originally Posted by 1stsim144
When will you finish your gay stories? Or has it already finished?
Never even started, too lazy. But I do plan to make LloydXGenis or NegiXKotaro (most likely) in the future.

Originally Posted by Mums
You see a little innocent boy who has lost his parents in a crowd, what do you do?
1. Real life Lenne : ignore or help, unless I'm with somebody (parents, boyfriend, etc.)

2. Lord of Shota Lenne : Send him to Shotaland

Originally Posted by Mitchi
I thought we had something special?
Oh we did. You just never ask for my services =/

Originally Posted by Rhois
Though Leon has a boyfriend/close-male friend, have you yourself seen anyone whom you'd particularly be interested in forming a relationship with?

What first piqued your interest on Leon being sweet with his friend, did he ask you or did you observe it?
Actually at the moment I have my own boyfriend. A bit taller than me, cute, sensitive too (a characteristic I like).

He doesn't mind me playing Lunia a lot so long as I have my attention for him. In fact he's been playing online games like me as well, but he's been grounded (still for like 3 more weeks now) for doing a bad lie . It's been 7(?)ish months now since we started going out.

As for Leon, of course I supported him because of my love for homosexual relationship (oh god damn the fangirls) and he didn't ask me to observe, but he let me support and help him. So I took that as he gave me permission.

Originally Posted by Milkshakes
This is the 14th question, how do you feel?
Entertained. This is kinda fun.

if it wasn't i'd be killing lolis right now

Originally Posted by Catharsis
Spit or swallow?
Swallow chocolate milk.

Spit white milk.


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