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Josh quickly shut his eyes the minute he saw the butler's head lop off. He covered his face with his hands and was breathing heavily. He found it hard to believe that he'd been able to do such a thing.. He then tried to get up, but fell backwards onto the rocks again. He was too weak; he'd used so much magic in a short period of time on top of sustaining a considerable wound.

Gwynth jumped down the cliff just before Ludo started the spell and landed next to Josh. Even though her facial expressions as a dog were limited, the look of worry on her face was too evident to miss.

She took a look at his thigh, "Oh my goodness, that wound is much deeper than I thought! You're lucky those knives didn't pierce your h..."

She stopped herself when she noticed Josh's expression. Even though he was looking away, she could tell he was ashamed, afraid. Now wasn't exactly the best time to talk about all the "could have"'s and "should have"'s of this battle. She let her head hang low and let out a small, apologetic whine. Gwynth then grabbed him gently by the collar and flew him up to the cliff, setting him down on a patch of soft, high grass. She then glanced at Ludo, who was now on one knee.

".. Did you succeed?"
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