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Default Pharoe and Manuel - A short story

Warm sunlight shone through the window onto Pharoe's face. She awoke with a squint and sat up slowly, eyes half closed. Almost tripping over her mini harp insturment, she made her way to the door. It was another boring day she thought as she walked down the stairs of their bed and breakfest inn that her mother owned. Her mother was already done with cooking breakfest once Pharoe had sat down at the table.
"No customers again." Pharoe said as she looked out the window to the streets of Constantinople.
"A ship came in this morning with lots of folks from far off areas." her mom informed her.
"I also heard from our neighbor that most are business folk who'll need a place to stay." her mother said. She continued to talk and put food on Pharoe's plate, but Pharoe wasn't listening. Pharoe was looking outside at the busy street again when she quickly got up and rushed to the door.
"Where are you going? We have to get this place all ready for customers!" Pharoe didn't hear the last part of her mothers words because of the noise from the front door closing. Pharoe barely had her shoes on as she half ran through the crowded cobblestone streets.
"I just saw him minute ago." Pharoe said to herself while looking past all the stands of overpriced goods. She scanned up and down both sidewalks as horses and nameless strangers passed by.
"Excuse me, Miss." A strangers voice said from behind Pharoe's view. She quickly turned around and almost fell over.
"May I ask you for directions?" The stranger asked. Pharoe was staring at only his face.
"Sure." She managed to say real slowly after a few seconds passed.
"I just came in this morning by ship and was looking for a place to stay, do you happen to know where the Constantinople Inn might be?" He asked politely trying not to pay attention to the odd stare she was giving him. He was a talk man dressed in a robe. His hair was dark and went down his chin and under his nose.
"Yes, I live there with my mother. We own it." Pharoe said looking up at him. His face didn't look old, but the facial hair added some years.
"Wonderful. Lead the way then." The man said as his glasses glinted off the sun while looking down the street. Pharoe lead the man to the inn and showed him in. Her mother was there but could not scold her in front of a customer. She didn't know whether to be mad at her for leaving without helping clean up or happy that she had brought in their first customer in weeks. The man sat down at the table and looked around silently.
"I'll be resting for just one night." He said to Pharoe's mother.
"That's fine, let me just show you around a bit." She said back to him as he stood up.
"My name is Rachel, and this is my daughter Pharoe. We run this inn together as a family and treat our customers as part of it." She said while offering a cup of tea.
"Thank you. I'm Manuel. I'm a priest here to perform exorcisms on the evil spirits. I came in this morning from across the sea." Manuel told them about his trip. Pharoe watched his deep eyes closely. After Manuel was settled he went out to the city. Pharoe fixed up his room extra special, giving him extra pillows and her favorite blanket. She went up to her room and sat on her bed with her harp and began to play her favorite song. She began to daydream while playing. All she could think about was Manuel. And to think she thought it was going to be another boring day. Pharoe smiled and continued to play.

That evening after dinner Pharoe took her harp and sat on the floor under her bedroom window. She practiced her songs and was getting quite good at them now. She had been playing as long as she could remember, ever since her grandmother taught her. She continuted playing and lost herself in the music, closing her eyes and just letting her hands take over while her mind thought about other things. After a few minutes she slowly finished her song and opened her eyes. Soft clapping came from the stairs outside her room. The door was already open because her mother liked to listen to her play and Manuel appeared in the doorway.
"Very beautiful. I have never heard anything like that." he said to Pharoe.
"That was a song my grandmother used to play. She loved it and I love it." Pharoe said lightly ringing the strings. Manuel sat down on Pharoe's bed and began to explain to her about where he came from and how his life was.
"When I heard your song from downstairs, I was filled with many emotions I hadn't felt in years. I gave up my family and friends for this life of mine and in doing that, sacrificed all those emotions that you had just given back to me." Pharoe looked at him and began to play her song again as the moonlight shone through the window on her face. Manuel had fallen in love with her music that night and soon after his job was finished desided to stay in Constantinople. Pharoe enjoyed more then anything to play music for Manuel and soon after they became married and lived happily ever after with many children. THE END 8D