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Josh nodded when he heard Kana's voice. He then flew higher, getting closer to Alphonse. He spread his arms wide and gathered wind currents on each of them, which twisted around his limbs at increasing speeds. When he was ready, he rapidly joined his palms together, so that his hands were open towards the outside, and the two massive gusts of wind merged into one deadly cyclone. The spiraling winds headed straight for Alphonse's head at an absolutely devastating speed.

Josh was pushed backwards from recoil, and flew back at least ten feet, before lightly hitting the rocky wall of the cliff. He let out a pained groan and looked up.

"Gwynth, Ludo, that should do it -Aghhh!" He held his thigh tightly as he felt a sharp pain in his thigh.. He'd forgotten about his wound. His pant leg was now covered in bright crimson blotches..
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