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Bandy will become famous soon enoughBandy will become famous soon enough

Gwynth winced and started to pace anxiously when she saw Josh get injured.

What a fool.. he's being so reckless..!

Josh flew back down to the ground and landed a bit awkwardly because of his wound. When he saw that none of his attacks had even scratched Alphonse, he couldn't help but curse under his breath. After feeling momentarily discouraged, he jumped back into the air and hovered a few feet above ground. He then began to attack again: he lashed at Alphonse with many high-pressurized air currents that where coming at him from all sides. The speed of these currents was largely sufficient to cut at his flesh and perhaps even bone. That's what he hoped for, at least.

I have to get him at the next chance I can. I hope Julio casts a strong spell soon..
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