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Josh's eyes widened as he saw the scythe approaching at deadly speed. He quickly pushed himself backward with a strong wind, which blew the scythe upward at an angle. He then jumped into the air to avoid the throwing knives, but he was hit by two of them: one scratched his right calf and the other lodged itself in his thigh.

"Agghh Damn it! He screamed as he removed the knife from his leg, and angrily throwing it to the ground. His pants were torn and bloody now from the wound. He looked up and saw the scythe he had flung into the air falling back down..
Josh started to fly towards Alphonse and rapidly clasped his hands together, creating a massive current of high-pressured air, aimed at his head. He then waved his right arm to direct the falling scythe straight at Alphonse, spinning at amazing speeds towards the back of his neck.

Gwynth raised her head in surprise, looking down at the battle. Quite the violent sandwhich you put together there, Joshua.
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