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Default Easy way to play EuLunia outside Europe :)

So yeah I wanted to see if I could do it just to see if I could do it. It was basically a learning experience for me. I may stick around on it for a little while but I have no long-term intentions of playing EuLunia.

Inspirations/ideas/all that good stuff blah blah blah was from the guy that made the "How to play JP Dragon Nest" guide.

Alright, to get to the point here:
Extremely easy way that requires maybe... 1... 2... 10 clicks? Close to that anyway. It's easiest VPN client I've ever used. Took me like 30 seconds, download and all, before I was already connecting to lunia.

Not going into further detail, yet, because I'm not sure if it would go against any of the ggftw terms by posting links to VPNs.

I will be glad to post the full guide if someone were to confirm its not breaking any terms.

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