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I'm alive I guess, lol. I'm still playing LaTale on and off. I had a huge turn off from it for a while but I'm picking it back up again. I am currently in a guild all by myself and working on 3 characters in hopes of being uber, lol. I need a 4th to make potions and such for cloak kits and enchant remedies and such. Don't worry I still remember you guys from a year and a half ago lol. I hope you guys become active again so we can hang out. Look me up if you are ever active again, my character names are:

Vegabane (Main, lvl 90 Warlord, Option Weapon Craft)
Vegabeat (Knight, lvl 62 going Templar, Dura Armor Craft)
Vegastain (Engineer, lvl 70, Refiner)
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