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Default Fashion Made Easy:Tricks And Tips

A thread made me wanna do this.

I know the whole , go to a store see a pair of jeans you LOVE. And they look like they have been worn already and tattered nicely ( Since that's the style now) You look at the price tag and you nearly DIE.

I'll teach you tricks of how to get that style and many other styles without spending the extra Dough.

[My radical 80's mom taught me all this. Thanks Mom!]

Holes Pants/Ruffled Hole Look

This is probably the most simple thing EVER!
I do this with jeans that I have broke in really well and I want the look of the holy pants.

Step One: Pick out a pair that you would like to convert. ( Pick a old pair you dont mind messing up if you make a misstake, Pratice till you get the tech down)

Step Two: Find a Straight Razor Blade. These are the only ones that will work. You can't use your shaving razor, sorry =( ( You can by these are ANY market a pack is like 2$)

Step Three: Find where you'd like to place the hole(s) at and cut. You Can Make Large holes Or Small ones.

Step Four: After you have made the cut, turn the razor sideways and rub it up and down the cut edges. What this does is when you wash it, it will make the hole look like its been there for Ages!

Step Five: After you've made all your cuts and fluffed the edges, place in the washer and wash normally.

After the washing and dying, Your pants should look like they have been through hell and back for years, and it only took 30 mins at max to make them look this way.

Ruffle Hole
The Ruffle hole is the hole that isnt cut all the way through, but strings still over the hole. Its Hard to explain but Im sure you understand.
This is a bit harder .

Step One: make a Small hole with your razor.

Step Two: Turn the razor sideways and start fluffing.

Step Three : Keep doing this till you wear down the denim, you will know when you have.

Step Four: Wash and Dry.

Acid Splashed Pants/Washed

This look is fun but you can mess up ALOT. You Wont be needing any REAL Acid, but you will have to prefect your mixing skills.

Step One: Make sure you have empty spray bottles on hand, or Eye droppers or a turkey baster.

Step Two: Mix Bleach and water into a spray bottle, or a bowl. For reach spary bottle or bowl, try adding more water and less to. Because the more bleach/water the more white it will be. The more Water/bleach the pale bluish white it will be.

Step Three: Grab a spray bottle and use the weakest concentration of bleach water. ( One with more water than bleach) Spray to the area you wish. And wait. If the Colour don't fade, keep applying till you get the light blue colour.

Step Four: After you have reached the colour you want. Take the higher concentration of Bleach water ( More bleach than water) And use a eye dropper or a turkey baster ( I would use eye dropper for smaller drops and turkey baster for larger) Fill your dropper and drop small amount on to the area you like within the faded colour. Let sit and watch the colour fade.
Do this till you have the look you want.

Step Five: Wash like normal, but wash in cold water. Dry then wear.

Acid Washing

Bit more complex but simple.

Step One: Find the perfect mixture of Bleach water ( If you are doing the washing take some denim samples and test) that will give you the colour effect you want.

Step Two: Skip the fill cycle of your washing machine. (Practice till you get it right)Place it where it starts agitating.

Step Three: Place pants into washer ( I would use a test pair 1st) then add the bleach water mix.

Step Four: Start the washer where you have it set to Agitate.

Step Five: Let the washer get down then wash it like normal then dry.

After you have done all this you should have a faded pair of pants that looks well like it has been acid washed. But ALWAYS wash like normal after you bleach anything because bleach can weaken the denim and when you toss it in the dryer, it can shred.

Tye Dye Pants For Dummies

Yes the easiest way to do this is a white pair of pants and a tie dye skit. Yeah but..Who wears white anymore?

This is one of my fav things my mom taught me.

Step One: Make up mixtures like you're fixing to do acid splashed pants.

Step Two: Place drops with eye droppers or baster, or use a paint brush to draw weird shapes. Keep doing so untill the pants fade to a blueish white. Or White ( Depends on how dark the Denim is)

Step Three: Get your Dye. You can find dye of denim at walmart in the washing powders Aile. The have limited colours, but you can find more of a range online.

Step Four: Apply dye to the areas you have done with a small paint brush. Use a Small paintbrush in case you wanna add more colours to the area besides one. Make Sure if you do that to see if the dye will bleed into the others while washing.

Step Five: Wash and Dry and Wear!

Straight Legged Pants into Custom Bell Bottoms

If you're like me I prefer bell bottoms than straight legged pants, merely cus..I like the look of how it covers my shoes. But Now-a-days I can't find them any where. So here's something I LOVE!

Step One: Go to the store and by some fabric of your choice in any colour, look, style, anything.

Step Two: Find the jeans you want to convert into bell bottoms.

What You Need: You Will Need. Scissors, sewing machine ( or kit if you know how to do that), Pins.

Step Three: Cut the end of the pant leg(s) On BOTH Sides to where you'd like bell bottoms to start. ( You can do one side at a time)

Step Four: Take your fabric, Fold it into a Isosceles Triangle.

Step Five: Once you have your fabric folded, line it up with your cut. Then Pin Into place.

Step Five: Sew the fabric to the jeans.

Step Six: Repeat till you have both legs done.

And there you go, a pair of Custom bell bottoms. You can add ribbon or lace to the edges anything you want. Also you can make cuts along the sides and sew in fabric to get the peek-a-boo look. There are SO many possibility with this. And if you HAVE Bell bottoms you can make the bells larger by doing this.

I'll add more about custom t-shirts and Everything I can think of.

But, I wanna see what you guys come up with. So If you do anything here take a pic and post it. I wanna see how crafty you are
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