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IGN: Lynxz,LynChan,MeekaBearz
Class: Fat Emu Sheep / Fat Emu Kittehs to_schoolgirl
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What I Wear.

Depends really. In the winter I normally run around with shorts and an a t-shirt and flip-flops. ( Yeah I know weird but Alabama winter only get maybe to 20 degrees and thats when its "really cold" here Lol)

But when I dress up I normally wear jeans that are all cut up and wrote on ( I do it myself I dont pay 45$ for already cut up jeans)
I LOVE Animal print, just look at my profile and you'll see what I mean. I love Bright colours. I will Mix match everything and honestly I dont care if people think its tacky looking. For Instance.

Went to the mall the other day wearing a pair of Jeans that were tattered and torn. One leg I had thigh high socks in Neon Green Leopard print, The other leg was Neon Pink Tiger stripes that you could see clearly through the holes in my pants.
My Shirt was a Twilight shirt that I had cut from my left shoulder down past my right bewb with a bight tye dye neon green and pink underneath with a black net hoodie over that.

My Shoes LOL. One a Black and green Nike New balance the other a Black and Pink. ( Yes I DO wear two diff shoes sometimes) My Hair..Bright Efn red.

My style reflects my personality ALOT

But when I dont dress like that its basic, Spitfire hoodie, Torn jeans, Fav socks and a black t-shirt with my hair pulled back in a bun with it sticking up every where.
I'm also not scared to buy dorkie shirts. I think I have One with Barney..BabyBop and a few carebear shirts. I also have a YoGabagaba one some where. Lol AND I have a shirt that is white with multi coloured letters that say "*****" And I wear that around too x3
Yes I used to be Lyn, But Now Im Ashie CUS Thats my Name D<