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Default Selling and Buying!

Hello there, straight to the point I'm selling:
-Saito Kimono Set (F)
-Prime XP Potion x3
-Peach Cans x 15
-Level 19 Brownie - Ready to be liquified*
-Level 14 Tengu - Ready to be liquified*
-Weak Special Accessories Coupon
-Expert Hair Coupon
*Provide your own bead, I'm only providing the souls.

I'm also buying:
-Darts! Lots and lots of 'em for 800k each [Or tell me your price].
-Red Tube Shield +0

I also provide crafting service!
-Level 40 Tech Durability
-Level 29 Battle Durability

Mail me ingame to 'Chiharu' or leave a message here!
Leave offer and we can discuss the price!
I dont care e e e e e