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Default Defy the norm with the new White Gothic Outfit!

Shunned from the underworld and fallen from the heavens comes the all new White Gothic Outfit. Only found in the Heaven's Outcast Box, this new outfit shows off your unique individuality. Express yourself in the way you want to and choose your own style! Take a look below for other great items you may have a chance to receive in this box which is priced at only 100 Gcoins!

Get a chance to obtain the White Gothic Outfit or Hat*.

Randomly obtain one of 21 item sets.

* 1 White Gothic Clothing Bundle (Your Choice of White Gothic Hat or White Gothic Outfit)
* 1 Secret Vial of Amnesia
* 1 Mount Box
* Between [1-3] Ancient Skill Book
* Between [1-3] Ancient Skill Book (Merc. Only)
* 8 Scroll of Bewitching[V]
* 12 Scroll of Life's Blessing[V]
* 12 Scroll of Resurrection[V]
* 12 Scroll of Judgement[V]
* 12 Freezing Scroll [V]
* 50 Dragon Crystal
* 50 Giant Crystal
* 50 Redemption Crystal
* 50 Phoenix Crystal
* 30 Water of Life
* Officer's Shotgun
* Storm Bringer
* Crystal Ball of Harmony
* Davy Jones' Heart
* Old Spartan Shield
* Between [1-3] Heaven's Outcast

* White Gothic Hat - Vitality: +50, No level Req.
* White Gothic Outfit - Vitality: +50, No level Req.

This item will be available on July 15th, 2010 around 11:00am PDT.