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Originally Posted by Nooya
I know a lot of people use this guide to level up their Magicians I ask you kindly to update it, or at least tell us if you're not going to. :3
I sincerely apologize for the late reply, 3 weeks late as of the time I'm typing this reply. I've been pull away from my deskie ever since I got a new full-time job! I hate people who give late replies in life, and I know how you feel! Sorry again!

Originally Posted by Nooya
Thanks in advance and my greatest appreciations for what you've done to this guide so far, keep the good work up mate!
Really happy to hear this from my readers! Seriously!

Originally Posted by Nooya
I'm just curious, are you gonna update this post anytime soon?

With the new huge patch, new medals, updated stuff etc. it would be a wise thing to do as this guide does not really show you the best way to go anymore.
To start of with this first reply after 01 01 2010, I will throw out the bad news, which is I WOULD NOT update this guide anymore. I'm sorry to all the readers whom have bookmark-ed this guide, or constantly coming back to check for updates as I promised I would update it during my last post. As much as I hate people who break their promise, I have my own reasons for not updating the guide.

1- This game is ever-changing, in an attempt to pull back all the retired players back into the scene. Normal players would find it totally enjoyable to play the game for the updates, but guide-writers have problem chasing the update patch. Having spent weeks on the guide, only to know that 3-4 weeks later, the game is going to change again.

2- I've run out of time and motivation to explore the game. Given my new full-time job, I can hardly find time to even sit down on my deskie to enjoy a game of DoTA, less said Dragonica.

Dragonica is a game that requires player to unleash their full potential if you are planning to play in the high-end scenes. To achieve this, players must fulfill 2 simple criteria, the talent to enable your character adeptly in combat, and the God-like equipments. Both can be achieved by spending a large amount of time and money respectively, which I find it worthless on a game like this.

I'm really sorry to everyone whom is looking forward to the update of my guide. I hate breaking promised but I know I would not be able to provide quality work given the amount of time I have, and the equipment my character have (I don't spend money for a game). Perhaps I would come back to renew the guide when Dragonica have release all their basic platform of the game. Till then, enjoy the game! and THANKS FOR READING MY GUIDE!