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Originally Posted by Nihil679
Better add if you're PvP or PvE or hybrid. Makes helping builds easier. Also giving some hints on what type of build you're looking for also helps (example being, let's say you want to aim for a four-elements Elementalist. Or maybe a ground-combo/hit-stun abuse Striker. etc.).
I posted my builds to give others some sort of idea but I didn't make any details. It can be use for both, but im not focusing for pvp because of nexons shitty p2p connection scat I can't even make grabs on people so grappler that is like is out of the question for pvp( for me that is).

I made tomestone 5 because its an excellent mob skill but I don't want it maxed. I like power the power of ghost slash. I made moonslash 10 for the heck of it ands its soul benders spam/ basic skill.

Ya of course im maxing lions roar the range and stun rate increases.
I got the steal skils to get more attacking skills because that's what nen masters obviously lack.
In order to get a player with dopple blast you either do all or noting cast in there face, or uppercut then dopple blast ,or get stun rate to slow them down.

Elementalist use fire pillar and sun burst to defend(pvp or pve) the most and it gives better attack range per level. Elemental burn is good for the boost but I perfer 5. Moblie cast I was fine with 7 but if I have space i will max it.
I mite max manasheild but it kills my MP like mad so I leave it at 3, I didnt get mana shield till lv 35. I just pluto 15 for the range of course im maxing void at max I assume you can spawn 3-5 voids.

Ya I am going to lv up stabing wheel more but in pvp I cant grab so its useless but its sill good for a combo.
I like prunto wave so I mite max it everyone is going to max dragon spear, but in pvp it can be only used 2 times and if you screw over and its a grab so I will probably miss. Ya maxing phase shift is good, and mana shield im just playing around with it till I gain lv cap at 60.

So at most of those skill you explained will be maxed at 60 the real lv cap, and I will wait till we get the patch with the backstep cancel and stuff.

Were making custom builds here make em post em.

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