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Exclamation .::The Compilation of Scam Screenshots::.

Some links were broken from the move of this thread from MyTrickster to ggFTW. We're trying to regain the lost proof if we can, so please bear with us. If you originally posted proof of a scammer on MT, and the links have since then become broken, please repost your evidence for us so we can add it to the list.


Before venturing further into this list, please take the time to read carefully over the following articles:

GM_Loki states that Ntreev does not support Galder to MyShop (and vice versa) transactions
Ntreev official announcement about how Chargebacking works and how it affects you.
Chargeback Victim #1
Chargeback victim #2
GM_Grimm's answer to "What if someone gifted you a gift you did not want the gift... then chargebacked?" Part 2, Part 3 - CRedits to Katorskay (Link broken)

Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Do not accuse without proof. Please refer to this post on how to properly include the evidence in your post.
  2. If you wish to defend someone that has been falsely accused, please go to this thread.
  3. JUDGE THE ACT, NOT THE INTENT. Actions always speak louder than words.
  4. This thread is NOT to be used for advertising anything MyShop related.
  5. All /ggFTW! rules apply here.
  6. It is prefeRed that you do not post without a screenshot, spam, or discuss unrelated topics.
  7. Any screenshot greater than 1024x768 must be hyperlinked or thumbnailed. Not everyone has gigantic screens.
  8. Read this post until you can recite it by heart.

How to Understand the Colors
  • Proofs in this color link to a specific post.
  • Names in this color mean Alias to the scammer posted.
  • Names in this color mean Old Alias.
  • Names in this color mean Possible Alias
  • Proofs in this color means the information was lost during the transfer from MyTrickster to ggFTW.
  • Proofs in this color means the images are broken.

I will *not* add a name to the list unless the evidence provided allows very little to no alibi for the accused. Why is this?
Originally Posted by NoeJeko
Would you like it if someone randomly accused you of this? Suddenly you have to defend your honor and your name is black - hell you may have never even sold MyShop. So don't do this to other people, mkay?
Want to discuss anything you see in this thread? Do not do it here.
Please post to the Scammer Discussion Thread. Thanks.

Failure to do so will result in a negative rep.

Hmmm. Now that's out of the way, let's proceed.

Last updated [x]

People to Watch Out For!
  • CAZADOR90: Proof
  • InfernoKill: Suspicious activities logged, need more conclusive proof.
  • HyunAh [xHazel, iFrontpage, iPaws, iMiner, Maegara, xHyunAh, lovesx2, iMisty, HazelChan, xPaws]: This person has been known to use other accounts to bid, causing the prices to increase. They are also known to buy really low and sell really high.
  • ImUrKitty [Possible Alias: RenoFFVII, imaboi]: Will scam players boss sets by requesting to use it to do the quest. Plays the dumb 'I trust my friend will return it' act. Proof
  • LionKingthe1st: Switches similar looking items to trick you. Proof
  • Lumster: This person has been known to share his/her account and scam myshop. Approach with caution.
  • ShinyCow, quick-blu, and Some1FromDuhPast: Characters have been compromised and is actively scamming under those names. Please approach them with caution. Don't ask me who compromised them >.>
  • ZarakyKempachi: Switches similar looking items to trick you. Proof

# - 9
  • 16Dragon16: Proof
  • l3oo: Proof
  • 2S3xy4u [EcKsMArKzDaShOt, 2s3xy4you, LilyGurll, LuVAzNNaMeS, CaRiNaBuHooNi, miguel114, LightDragonOwna, DawnChoras]: Proof
  • 619Rey: Proof
  • 9abloo5: Proof
  • *KaPlan: Proof
  • ~Angela~: Proof

A - E
  • Achew [Ahchew~!]: Proof ~ Weak
  • AdvanceEngineer: Proof
  • AionBR: Proof
  • ALEXisME: Proof ~ (Keylogged Victim)
  • alwayspogi: Proof
  • Ariels: Proof ~ Weak
  • ArmednLoaded [SmooglieDip?]: Proof
  • aThAELius: Proof
  • Azn_Gunz: Proof ~ Weak
  • Azn1Gunner [EmoCrocker, xCrocker]: Proof
  • blackanger: Proof
  • Black-Dragon_BR: Proof
  • BlackFoxes: Proof
  • BlackRyuuku: Proof
  • BoxyMoogle: Proof
  • Bushnaq, MasterCompounder: Proof
  • Carstriker: Proof ~ Weak
  • ChaosXxX: Proof
  • CharmingBeast [BuffaJo, silentsoulX2][Old Alias: xJoey]: Proof
  • CHERRYtastic: Proof
  • ChiefFox [xHellBunnyx, darkdragoz]: Proof ~ Weak
  • CloudSoilder: Proof
  • CloudStrife1: Proof
  • Co0kiEs: Proof
  • Cutir: 1, 2
  • CyberShoter [SENSEl]: Proof
  • Daiiguren: Proof
  • Daniah: Proof ~ (Possibly Hacked)
  • darkkingofstreng [0charmmy0]: Proof
  • DarkSlow: Proof
  • Dennynn: Proof
  • DeftIconoclast: 1, 2
  • DivineSesshomaru: Proof
  • dotman: Proof
  • Drag0nSlayer: Proof
  • DragonRO: Proof
  • EcKsMArKzDaShOt [2S3xy4u, 2s3xy4you, LilyGurll, CaRiNaBuHooNi, LuVAzNNaMes, miguel114, LightDragonOwna, DawnChoras]: Proof
  • Elrun: Proof
  • EmoCrocker [xCrocker, Azn1Gunnner]: Proof
  • enzo92 [InMeMoRyOfAkAnE, Sorayah, iFartx3, FiRedHeart, KawaiiMelisha, WildOrchid, GoldenSky, iPhat, PHAWT, Dawnii, Lucifering][Old Alias: xXPhawtAndHawtXx, Celestyal] : Proof, 1, Proof
  • ExCaLiBuR1019 [ShootUrBo0bs]: 1, 2, 3

F - G
  • FaithVIII: Proof
  • FlamingLion: Proof
  • fireblub [Arcanis, RoyaleJoker, BunnyofGod]: Proof
  • Fithos: Proof ~ Weak
  • FoxFury: Proof
  • FoxiShot [MageShot]: Proof
  • FreeBunny: Proof
  • FroznShaman [Freeslayer, gigaGUNSHOT2, LionMuleXII, -Lylia-, Meleah, MeLBeRRiPuFFs, OblivionShot, SlayerPower, StarWise, Tokiyan][Possible Alias: FroznCoon, Heartyy]: Proof
  • freak76: Proof
  • FreakMe [CoolAloha]: Proof
  • ghelsky: Proof
  • GeneticMilk: Proof
  • gkmy: Proof ~ Weak
  • GunnerRedrum [MagicRederum]: Proof
  • gigaGUNSHOT2 [Freeslayer, FroznShaman, LionMuleXII, -Lylia-, Meleah, MeLBeRRiPuFFs, OblivionShot, SlayerPower, StarWise, Tokiyan][Possible Alias: FroznCoon, Heartyy]: Proof

H - K
  • HardGravity: Proof
  • harvey69: Proof
  • HawaiinPunch (Fantasia): Proof
  • HelpEachOther [WaitingTime][Old Alias: CherryLoveInno]: Proof
  • HeAdSh0tx: Proof
  • HeavensPower [Trickster468?]: Proof
  • Hemo [QUEEEN0FSLAPZ]: Proof
  • HeyKitty [L1lAnge1]: Proof
  • Hikarih [Hikaryh]: Proof
  • Hybrid (Fantasia): Proof
  • ice_cream: Proof
  • IEatYouUx: Proof
  • iKandyMage: Proof
  • IloveMyGun: Proof
  • ImmortalTech: Proof ~ Weak
  • Infirnity [PlasmaBurn, PlasmaBomb, HolyJebus, Ioda, Zashea]: Proof
  • InMeMoRyOfAkAnE [enzo92, Sorayah, iFartx3, FiRedHeart, KawaiiMelisha, WindOrchid, GoldenSky, iPhat, PHAWT, Dawnii, Lucifering] [Old Alias: xXPhawtAndHawtXx, Celestyal]: Proof, 1
  • InSoMiAcMasTeR: Proof
  • iraikre: Proof
  • japan659: Proof
  • JettyPlan: Proof
  • Jiye0uSho [Possible Accomplice: AnameMisa]: Proof
  • Jvictor1RaCcOoN: Proof
  • Junax: Proof
  • juninho+bruto_br: Proof
  • KaiLh3N: Proof ~ Weak
  • kaLaBaW12 [Possible Alias: SquallFFVIII] (Fantasia): Proof
  • Kelpo: Proof
  • KiLLeRSaPieN: Proof
  • KiriKurosaki: Proof
  • -Kyon-: Proof
  • Karimoto [Mimochi]: Proof
  • Kikioma: Proof
  • Kitzume: Proof
  • kiyomorito: Proof
  • kingsd: Proof
  • KvoxS: Proof

L - N
  • LadyMystic: Proof
  • LastBullet: Proof
  • LeonHearts: Proof
  • LeoVangard: Proof
  • LightHallow: Proof
  • Lilishi: Proof
  • Lion-Gunner: Proof
  • LionKingzz: Proof
  • LittleWitch: Proof
  • -Lylia- [Freeslayer, FroznShaman, gigaGUNSHOT2, LionMuleXII, Meleah, MeLBeRRiPuFFs, OblivionShot, SlayerPower, StarWise, Tokiyan][Possible Alias: FroznCoon, Heartyy]: Proof
  • l0o0l: 1, 2
  • LordOfGodness: Proof
  • LoveKen [F2F, SkyFly, WingExia, TaurusFury]: Proof, Proof (Pages 28-38)
  • llSkywalkerll: Proof
  • MageShot [FoxiShot]: Proof
  • MaggieAP: Proof
  • MaGiCaNi (Fantasia): Proof
  • MALUCAT1: Proof
  • MasterLorde: Proof
  • MaxBull2: Proof
  • MerlynSheep: Proof
  • momisdragon: Proof
  • N4chO: Proof
  • NRALOTOFLOVE [Odamirasegan]: Proof
  • MrPha: Proof
  • NecronShadow [meztizadi16]: 1, 2
  • ninetailedfox1: Proof

O - P
  • OblivionShot [Freeslayer, FroznShaman, gigaGUNSHOT2, LionMuleXII, -Lylia-, Meleah, MeLBeRRiPuFFs, SlayerPower, StarWise, Tokiyan][Possible Alias: FroznCoon, Heartyy]: Proof
  • Oinkie: Proof
  • oOSoulMasterOo: Proof ~ Weak
  • oOVoidOo: Proof
  • *Punch_Strike14* [SweerGirl, SlayerGurl]: Proof
  • P4NCHh0o [fasterhit, OxigenDestroyer?]: Proof
  • Patrick0001 [~M!sSFox~, Michoz, ~EmPrEsS-GoDdEsS~]: Proof
  • PedroSarti: Proof
  • PepsiBlue: Proof
  • Pistoleon: Proof
  • PlayBoyXXX [xilarx]: Proof
  • PoPoMage: Proof
  • PopCornDude: Proof
  • PriinceUae: Proof ~ Weak
  • Pr0Gr3ssiVe: Proof
  • priyabka: Proof
  • ProAionxD: Proof
  • PsychicIno : Proof
  • Punisher3 : Proof

Q - T
  • Regster: Proof
  • returnofpaopao: Proof
  • rOcKy47: Proof
  • ROAN0606: Proof
  • RONALDINHO10: Proof
  • RustyFox: Proof
  • rustymushroom: Proof
  • SENSEI [CyberShoter]: Proof
  • Sheepalots: Proof
  • shigy: Proof
  • ShIgeNOo: Proof
  • skoolbunnyx3: Proof
  • SkyFlame09: Proof
  • sm3xy: Proof
  • SmooglieDip: Proof
  • SoraHearts [SoraHeartly]: Proof
  • SOSBrigideWizard: 1, 2
  • SoulXXXKepper [wakkamojo][Old Alias: xDemonHunter]: Proof, 1
  • SpageAgeBoy: Proof
  • SquallLeonhartx: Proof
  • StephieIshLight: Proof
  • StrongBunny: Proof
  • StoneColdFist: Proof
  • swtbunny: Proof
  • TearingApart: Proof
  • Thakuro: Proof
  • TheKillSwitch [HirooNakamura]: Proof
  • TheSorrow [Possible Alias: TheEnd, Taijutsu?] (Fantasia): Proof
  • Tojara: 1, 2, 3
  • Tokiyan [Freeslayer, FroznShaman, gigaGUNSHOT2, LionMuleXII, -Lylia-, Meleah, MeLBeRRiPuFFs, OblivionShot, SlayerPower, StarWise][Possible Alias: FroznCoon, Heartyy]: Proof
  • Trickster74568 [Old Alias: OmfgGtfoNoob]: Proof, 1
  • Tsutsay15: Proof

U - Z
  • UnionMortal: Proof
  • WaitingTime [HelpEachOther]: Proof
  • WaterOfDeath: Proof
  • WeaKboY: Proof ~ Weak
  • whitewakkamojo: Proof
  • XenoShadow: Proof
  • xCrocker [EmoCrocker, Azn1Gunnner]: Proof
  • XHermioneX: Proof
  • xiiaoBiiBii: Proof
  • xGreatMarco: 1, 2
  • xNeko3: Proof
  • xSouljaBoyx: Proof
  • xToPSeCReTx [Badb0Y][Possible Alias: Punisher3]: Proof
  • XxDragonBallZxX [XFiLiPiNoShEePX]: Proof
  • xXHanaXx: Proof
  • XKarmenKiLLX [ForeverB13]: Proof
  • xXkniv3sXx: Proof
  • XxkalikasxX: Proof
  • xXShiningFistsXx: Proof
  • xxxchIcKsiLogxxx: Proof
  • Xzihleration: Proof
  • yandaoShaman: Proof ~ Weak
  • yuritumotagashi [JamesDean]: Proof
  • zaidss786: Proof
  • zarakisBR: Proof
  • Zenza: Proof

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