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Default Ethane's Pure AP Primadonna Guide

Feel free to repost this guide anywhere else and feel free to erase my name from it and claim it for your very own because seriously have you ever seen one of these guides get sold for real cash? I didn't think so

Also consider this a minor addendum to Zgmfx's really good guide for Primadonna's available here. I'm not going to go into the level of detail he has because it's simply not necessary; this is covering a niche build that he neglected for reasons of I dunno maybe because it's a sorry build that only dumb marines use


also this guide has nothing to do with divas because divas are dumb.

Why Primas are better

Yes pure third jobs get kind of screwed on the number of skills available but the skills are completely awesome

The big problem with Diva is you're able to obtain Evolution but there's hardly a damn thing you can do with it except impress newbies. Divas don't have access to the Evo AOE (Sharp Scream). When Evo goes to cooldown, there's always 2-Hit Combo to count on until the 90 seconds are up. Entrancing Wink was created to troll the shit out of stupid magic users. Raging Nail, well, three out of four ain't bad at all

Also there's all the rumors of Pures finally getting more skills but like I said that's just a rumor for now

The Ups and Downs of Pure AP

Pure AP might make a hell of a lot of sense when you're just starting out and want to put power blow and the like to good use. The problem with a pure AP build quickly becomes relevant, however, further in the game when you realize that your most oft-used skills are dependent on HV. While AP equips are practically the the norm, the amount of in-game HV equips isn't nearly as such -- the amount of in-game equips with decent HV stats is flat-out laughable. If you're bound and determined to go the free route, the AP build is not for you.

Let me reiterate for those of you who can't read: YOU NEED HV STAT/COMPOUNDABLE EQUIPS NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS lol butts

That obstacle out of the way, the pure AP build shines if you're a fan of the Evolution skill. I love Evo. A pure AP Evo'd cat is a PvM rape machine.

You're gonna need Myshop.

Unless you have a BFF that'll lend you boss uniques, those are about the only HV-friendly equips you can depend on in the game outside a few rare event-only EQs and even those are expensive as hell. You can get away with sticking to in-game items until you hit second job, and by then you'll want to bolster your HV any way that you can.

When it comes to pets, with the exception of Sissy Viole or Summer Popurricia (which will set you back 8-16m as of this writing) you're screwed. Just about all of the in-game pets are a joke. You can either hold out against hope that maybe one day ntreev will have an event where they hand out a decent pet (hahah fat chance) you can either wait for the annual potpurri event -- which the players ruined any chance of it being awesome ever again -- or earn enough in-game cash to find a reputable party to exchange galders to points. Or you could just get a job you lazy bum

What about Elemental Compounds?

Here's my little experiment for what it's worth, half the damn forum would argue about these numbers anyway

The only thing I changed out to test this is the weapons and this is damage against torrobies

MC Hammer Level 4 AP 328 AC 10 HV 57 (HV Stone Compound)

Standard Attack: 3986
Standard Crit: 7772
Volley Kick: 22510
Volley Kick Crit: 33765
Titan's Edge Level 4 AP 523 HP 750 HV 37 Soil Att +112

Standard Attack: 8863
Standard Crit: 17282
Volley Kick: 22220
Volley Kick Crit: 33330
so yeah I'm sticking with elemental weapons at the very least

if you have a problem with my assessment or numbers go find some other thread to sperg out about it because I don't care


3124 or 4114. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Unless you're trying to squeak by without paying Ntreev the luxury of being able to carry more pots, you'll want 4114 and a myshop accessory pouch. Yeah sure they're timed but I already told you this build costs money so stop crying. Just about every tier of pouches has an HV-friendly variant that you'll want.

Then again user Qpakao down below has this to say:

I have prima 225 (4114 AP).
I was thinking at that lvl about builds more wide or something.
And I have to say that build 3124 just for extra WT is a waste instead try build 4114 3AP 1WT same WT but more AC and DX.
Well hell that makes a lot of sense and a smart idea that I never thought of
Personally I'd rather keep all points in AP and go with Myshop but if you're a tightwad this is probably the second best thing

Retarded Builds

I swear if anyone asks me about 2134 or 1144 pure AP builds I'm going to find you and introduce your teeth to the back of your throat ffs don't be stupid

actually I'm just kidding go for a 1414 build it owns

Skills you want and don't want which you need to reference Zgm's guide, again. My recommendations are pretty much the same except for a few notable examples.

Volley Kick: This skill right here is 90% of the reason you're spending money on myshop gears (I guess not getting hit is pretty cool too) Don't even bother with this skill unless you have the HV EQ to support it.

Siren Song: I'm going to get flak for this because players sperg out about the sporadic AOE and cooldown time. Whatever. Master this because when you decide to go take on Karan this skill will save your ass. It takes a freaking boss trial to make a skill worthwhile way to go Ntreev

Evolution: Yes yes yes yes YES. This is where your AP build PAYS OFF. This is not optional. Well, it is, if you're a retard.

Sharp Scream: this skill is reliant on AP and HV. It was designed to kill bats. Lots and lots of bats. By the time you get this skill you should have both bases covered.

2-Hit Combo: Again, AP and HV making a beautiful combination. Aren't you glad you didn't go Diva?

Things to do now and not later

This is for first and second job cats; if you're already third job and none of this has dawned on you already maybe you should stop playing
  • If you're passing through the Mega player market and see 3rd Job cards for Primas and they're at a really good price, buy them now and save yourself a headache later
  • Do not DO NOT get the retarded urge to throw a few points in MD or some other moronic stat just because you got killed by some magic. Keep it straight AP the entire time
  • Try to stockpile all the HV stones you find, even ones with lower levels than you.
  • Even if they're completely useless for your build, stockpile whatever event items and pets (ESPECIALLY pets) and let them gather dust for a while. Then sell them off for beaucoup bucks, other players are complete tards about collecting old event items and pets.
  • There's a reason we have iTrader on the forums. If you need to wheel and deal some galders for Myshop, do it here with someone trustworthy. If you get scammed it's your own damn fault.

Well I changed my mind and have decided to go Diva instead. Now what?

Go read some stupid Diva guide hell I don't know

enjoy paying 20 bucks for a build reset hahahahahah


hahahahahaha yeah right

  • When you're a lower-level Cat, go to Oops Wharf and find the little blue ghost called Quiem. Cats and Coons, for some reason, are the only character types that trigger this little ghost's special talent which equals lulz for you. Wait to see if there's any morons sleeping, sitting, or just afk. Wait for a Quiem to get near him, and run up and hit the ghost (doesn't work if you're too high a level.) THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. The Quiem will explode with such a force that it'll even take out Level 180+ tanked characters. This shit is hilarious and never gets old.
  • Steal monster kills from magic users.
  • Loot everywhere.
  • Scam common Vampire Castle moonstones as the rare refining moonstone.
  • Hang out at Caballa Mines and wait for newbies to show up. Invariably there'll be a few digging that have no idea what the value of Old Steel and Moonstones are and ignore them. Taunt them after you gank their finds.
  • Tell newbies on 1F of Phantom School that if they get chased by ghosts on 2F to hide in the bathroom where it's perfectly safe.
  • Keep an eye on any morons playing Card Identification out in the open. Chances are they might not pay attention to the 300 item limit and items start dropping all around them. If a Secret Card pops out (and it has happened) GANK THAT SHIT
  • Spread rumours about new skills for Power and Charm characters that require, oddly enough, the MA stat.
  • Run up and laugh at anyone who gets killed.

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