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Originally Posted by Vioded
I don't know what to say about that list, but what can rangers do to solo a dungeon?
Monk gives me the hardest time so far, because I don't find any to read generic combos.
If you look at the first list, it says that Rangers need a +11 weapon, and this is why:

Old Vilmark video in DnF, but it still gets the point across. Rangers just have a lot of multipliers. With Sharp Eye Potions, you have essentially a 100% chance of criticals, so that's the crit multiplier x 1.5 or more from Death By Revolver. Then if you're using Headshot or Mulitheadshot, triple that damage. If not, it doesn't matter because the rest of your attacks are quick multi-hitting skills. Oh, and don't forget your piercing strength from Pan Revolver and Headshot, and that Death Hawk pierces regardless.

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