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Default Lending My Helping Hand (Closed)

Hi guys,

It's me, deathomen aka GN小戰士 !~

Alright, I decided to make a post since quite a few of you out there might need some help with charging your card to use the Cash points, or M (for short) in the game itself. However, as you all should already know, you would need to be a "Fully Verified Member" of Wasabii in order to do that, and some of you are just unable to do just that for some reason - This is where i come in!~

I am willing to help anyone with charging his/her Cash points, or M (for short), so that you can use them ingame. All you need to do, is just to PM me if you need my help/assistance.

Also, for quick reference, i have translated the form which you are required to fax over to wasabii in order for them to verify you. Click here!~

People whom I've helped thus far:
lamialover 1200M
tsundere 200M
bertz 200M
c3ntrino 900M
MakoWolf 200M
Freedom 500M
chenjl 600M
Freedom 500M
Kefka 1500M
SkyRaiki 2200M
IngramNekketsu 500M
Exertim 5500M
Kiwidrag 1500M
Kisume1 1000M
Hrae 500M
xDannyliux 500M
Trowa27 500M
If you need my help topping-up M Points, please click me.

Click here for a guide about topping-up your M Points/Gift Packs.

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