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d-2 is pretty strong actually

i have +2 on most my skills and while comparing them

d-2 mine does 6k a hit, x 11 hits. 66k
also around 50% chance to do 3x crit

Twiling hammer does 14k a hit x 4 hits 56k
also around 20% chance to do 1.4x crit

^ thats basically where the problem lies
twirling is good an a definite max. its good dmg on aircombo and endu frames
but dmg wise. the criticals for magic skills will only make the gap wider

target decoy f-4 1 hit 50k dmg
50% chance to 3x dmg

so yea basically my tip for u is
take out d-1
take out 7 from artitan
take out a few from rage explosion
Use cs or family sp resets to take out of concentration
put them in missile support and twirling