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Default Resplendence.

Now, I mean nothing bad by posting a guild in our guild section. So let me explain myself.

Now, in guild chat, a few people expressed interest in joining, simply because, this guild was meant for SR members anyways, but if it doesn't work out, and everyone goes different ways, then, I guess this whole post means nothing.

So, currently I have enough GP ores to put as at level 7, actually, I already have the guild at Level 7- Pointwise. I still need the Order Crystals to level it there, which I'll be working on all week.

Since this guild is a "substitute guild" for ShiningRay, I will provide the following things.

-A safe place for us to be, under stable leadership, and having more fun together. Such as holding events, and maybe having some PvP/Colo parties.

-In order to replenish the guild to the GP we had maintained rather well in ShiningRay, I will allow FREE entries into the ggCrops for ALL previous ShiningRay members. The only catch being- you turn in all the GP ores found at the crop. Everything else is completely free. The free Crops will continue until the guild reaches Level 10. After that I will allow entry at a discounted price.

-I will still maintain the exclusiveness we had in ShiningRay. Once we have some of the original members in, and we fill up the guild just a little bit. I will take applications on a ONE PERSON PER MONTH basis. This way, we can be bringing new recruits into the guild, and take time to get to know them before we keep adding people. This will ensure that everyone in the guild knows each other, and no one is excluded, all the attention is focused on the new guy for the month. And of course, they will be civilized, active, fun players.

What part I will play in this.
I will always be there to help. I will always be willing to take suggestions, listen to criticism, and handle member affairs, and with the utmost diligence.
I know I may be rather goofy, and silly sometimes, but I am truly a responsible person. My previous Guild running experience is where I Submastered for the rank 1 guild in Trickster Online; <<Firefly>>.
I know I wasn't in SR longer than everyone else, but I love it just as equally. And that is why I want to keep us together so bad.

Current Guild points I have accumulated are 1,644,200; that's level 7.
Current Members that have transferred are...
Brigs, on Hisoutensoku. Aire is being used for Crops.
Kim, on Elias_Citizen002

Thanks, love you guys.
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I'm sort of back, I think. I don't know.

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