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Originally Posted by RaineScarlet
I should introduce you to my friend, who beat this game and loved it. He tried to get me to play it too, but I got bored after the first dungeon. I'm not really good at Zelda-like games, though Terra has more action involved. The whole Pandora's box thing was very interesting though. They incorporated a lot of interesting concepts like rebuilding the world.. yaddayadda. If it were a different fighting style, I probably would have loved it, but I die too much.

Bahamut Lagoon had a very confusing plot (to me, anyway).. so I stopped playing that too. >___> Somebody shoot me now. The strategy was meh, but they added actual Turn-based encounters, which was the only part I liked. But most of the time, my dragons were stupid and kept getting themselves killed, even with the "Stay Close" command (or something like that). The graphics for the PEOPLE were great, but I stopped once one of my dragons turned ugly/fat/bulge-y. I'm too hung up on aesthetics. -_- I can't play ugly games--noooo!
Well my solution to terranigma is simple then...cheat *shrugs* cheat for your hp till you can actually beat those mobs. The concepts were pretty cool, later on the game when you unlock humans/humanity you get more choices as to how you want their cities to progress and such. I also think they did a nice job adding in some history here and there with the fantasy. I think action rpgs are pretty good for the SNES like Secret of Mana and seiken densetsu 3(SoM 2 technically).

I don't really remember Bahamut Lagoon well at all, it wasn't a memorable game to me x.x all I remember was nooo Byuu and wtf Yoyo?

You could probably use an emulator and cheat I'm pretty sure an SNES is considered abandonware by now...I think. Fire emblem 4 and 5 on the SNES, do it, you know you all want to.
Here, have a pineapple.

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