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Default Au revoir.

I'm leaving the guild.
I'm leaving CrashLove though, so I still have a link.
However, Azu is gone, and definitely for good.
Kuma was unable to get leadership, this guild will be stuck forever.
I love SR and stuff but...
If Azu were to come back, stuff would get really messed up.
I don't have faith in her as a leader for just leaving us without a word.
Apparently everyone who had her on MSN; she went missing from their Buddylists.
Anyhow, this has nothing to do with ANYONE else in the guild, I LOVE it here.
But I feel uncomfortable with it being in /her/ control now.
And it makes me cringe at the thought of pumping my 1.5m GP worth of unused ores into this guild.
There is no point
So therefore, I'm going to form my own order guild, Ascension.
I'm going to let everyone know, I don't expect to be followed or anything, but
I need a guild I can be stable in.
-That being a guild run by myself.
I'll be more active on CrashLove, with Colo coming out, so I'll be on him a lot to grind and chat
with everyone.

I feel like such an ass, pleading how much I love this guild, and leaving, but I guess each person will view it different.

I love this guild a lot, and it's the longest I've ever been in a guild in ANY online game I've played.

However, with aall of these experiences, and hopping guilds, it's just time I formed a family of my own. One that can stay with me forever.
That doesn't mean I will lose track of my old guildmates though, I'll still be /there/ in contact with the people who made this game fun for me.

Now time for the depressing part.

@Kumacakes; Wow cool, you were the person who helped me get in here, and I know I was relentless in actually making it in. I really appreciate
how much you helped me before and after I joined here. It sucks what YOU have to go through with this situation right now, and I hope that things get better for you as they should for me as well. Thanks for filling in leader when ours wasn't there. I hope that even if I leave SR we can still do cool stuff in-game.

Wow mancrush much, you molest me all the freaking time VIA In-game AND MSN. Even though it get's a tad annoying every now and then, it makes me happy that someone cares enough to message me relentlessly everyday, and you're cool to talk to on top of that. You know, I didn't find out much about
you until you started showing up to the crops and becoming my best fran. You're one of the really active people in SR, and I appreciate the fact that you are always willing to talk to me. Things shouldn't change after this. So no need for any reminiscing/goodbyes.

@Tony; I probably annoyed the crap out of you before SR. I had you crafting my Class Sets all the time, which I'm going to assume pissed you off to no end. However, even if you may have been annoyed? (Or not! I could just be freaking paranoid) I really appreciate how much you helped me. You're a cool guy, and your art is the sex. It's too bad you don't take commission.

@Chiharu; You freaking Hacker. You just hack everything in this game. The end.

@Ryu; Holy shit. We were in KmK together, you' don't talk enough though q_q. But when you do, you're teh kewlz, so :3!

@Barry; Wow, you have a srs case of the mood swing. You're more silent then Hellen Keller when she sleeps. But when you start talking, you're one of the most entertaining and fun people to talk to. You're such a hacker, with like what, 4 Level 160+ characters? Daaaaaaaamn Gurlfran, keep it up.
And talk more. You're fun to listen to. Lol.

@Mana; WHY IS EVERYTHING YOU POST ON THE FORUMS LIKE....TL;DR. I don't care though, I always +rep you for being overly informative. You're fun to talk to (am I using that on everyone too much?) and it's a shame we never like, hung out a ton in-game. Whatever happened to our awesome Vintor farming team?

@Mongogogo; Wow, you're a freaking Grind-Bot X3000. Y U QUEET?! You could have totally molested the rankings, but now theres some *** called TuffGay (Just joking dude, you're cool, I don't h8.) that is rank1. Man, come back and hack the server some more please :<.

@Swiv; Quitters gonna quit...and come right back 2 days later. Nonetheless, you're hilarious, and if you have a goal, you take it by the neck and skullf*** it. Inb4youcomebacktoLTagain.

@LaseryCow; Wow you quit too, quitter, you were one of the first SR people I got to know, and you have like, one of every class. Hacker. Come back to LT prz.

@Baconflagurate; COPYPASTATIEM. This is the man. The man with the plan. Too bad our Templezbian thing didn't work out. /end BUT SERIOUSLY. We're going to Coliseum so hard that Levi is going to soil his pants and eat it. YEAH. TUFFGAY, BACON, AND SEPH. COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL. AND COMPLETELY INSANE.

@Sandrie; Ponderponderponder...well. You were uber fun to talk to, but you quit :<.

@Zael; Wow, I knew I was missing someone, you joined kinda late, but you're an insanely hax PvPer and your gear makes me shit bricks.

Is there anyone I missed? I typed this in a rageful and hastily manner, so don't feel bad if I did.

Wow I love how this section went from srs to hopeless in like, 10 sentances. But it's all good, I put it back on Topic now.

@Azusa; Wow , It's too bad you totally abandoned everyone, including you're best friend, because now, you can't read this awesome storm of rage that I am going to unleash upon you. How the hell can you just leave everyone like that? A guild that was very small, but accomplished SO many things. You couldn't even give a word of goodbye to these people who were loyal to you. and FOLLOWED you. Not even to someone closest to you. How disgraceful, I cannot believe you would do something like that. I guess you can say my opinion of you was a bit shaky from the get-go, as you weren't really the approachable type, but I guess that's alright, since it would have been a waste of my time anyways. I was shocked when I found out you just disappeared from everyones MSN, including a friend who cared for you. That takes some serious balls, or ovaries, whatever. But face it, we all know you aren't in some life-threatening situation. You obviously took the time to erase all contact to you, and in a rather swift manner at that. I hope people find out more about you than I am permitted to say. Because trust me, this post would be a HELL of a lot longer. However, I can still thank you for one thing; You gave to me- a guild that is the best I've been in, and made my experience in this game, freaking awesome. But I guess you reap what you sow; luckily I still have my head.

See you guys on Crash, wish me luck in the harsh world out there.
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I'm sort of back, I think. I don't know.

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