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Bandy will become famous soon enoughBandy will become famous soon enough

Joshua was spinning a basketball on his middle finger.

Hmm.. I can't believe a kid would end up in the clinic due to fatigue after too much.. gaming. I wonder if he was playing that Conquest game. I hope he's okay.

"Heeey, get your head in the game son! Are we gonna finish that round of 21 or what?" His ex-basketball coach went to grab the ball he was balancing, but he quickly dribbled away with it, and dunked the ball through the hoop with a reverse lay up. Who knew a band nerd could do something like that? Just then, the bell for fourth period rang.

"Heh. I guess duty calls!" Josh grinned as he threw the ball back at the coach, who caught it easily.

"You can stick around if you want, we might play some basketball. If the kids feel like it; I'm letting them choose today."
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