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Originally Posted by cris92x
So i played in this room where the room master was jamming the expert solomon mission right, but during the 3rd sector he could move freely and even helped out and on the final one he jammed again. I have never been able to not d/c from jamming and yet he could stop and do it again.... is he using an external program or what?
The difference between jamming in missions an jamming in scenarios is:

When u jam in missions, you will get disconnected if u "accidentally" release the buttons/keys that u are required to press.

When u jam in scenarios, you will not get disconnected even if u "accidentally" release the buttons/keys that you are required to press.

No external program is required to jam, although u can use one if you wanted to.

For the buttons/keys that you are required to press to successfully jam, pls refer to this.
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