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" You seem to be taking this well. You'll find out more soon enough. " Nathaniel assured Will, though his expression remained as cold as ever as he walked out of the room to talk to Saeko.

" Thank you Saeko. We will be taking the back door. I will visit again when I require your services. " Nathaniel thanked the old woman as he started to walk into the weapons room again.

" Oh its no problem at all. Just be sure to visit with your girlfriend when you come back, Nat-chan... " Saeko replied, smiling sweetly as she bowed at the young man.

" Gghhk... " Nathaniel quickly adjusted his glasses, to hide the annoyance in his expression as he opened the back door of the weapons room, leading to the mall's service entrance. Few things in the world could disturb Nathaniel's cold demeanor, and Saeko's senseless banter was one of them. Mistaking Layla for his girlfriend every time they visited just made things worse.

" Come. We don't have much time. " Nathaniel said, motioning for the group to follow him down the dark corridor.

>>8/22 - Fri -- Late Night

232 Larson St.

Arriving by car at a dimly lit street in one of Irvine's many residential areas, the group finds itself in front of the Hawthorn Residences building. Few cars pass by the road, and there are even fewer pedestrians as a light mist perpetuates the air.

" Hide your gear, and don't talk to anyone you pass by. Follow me. " Nathaniel instructed as he led the group into the dull-looking building, up the steps and past the double glass doors. A simple, well-lit lobby with dark chairs, tables and a receptionist desk with an elevator and staircase at the other side of the room was all that greeted the party, a glum atmosphere emanating from the walls.

Nathaniel nonchalantly walked past the receptionist, who had strangely chosen to pay no attention to the strange group as they walked into the elevator, heading for the 7th floor.

Floor 7, Unit 707

Nary a sound but their own footsteps could be heard on the building's 7th floor as Nathaniel led the group down the long corridor. The whole floor seemed to be deserted, all of the doors shut tight except for one rather peculiar door that was ajar.

Yellow police tape blocked entry into the room, held up by a pair of hazard blocks, a warning to the curious. Nathaniel paid the obstacle no heed however as he merely stepped over the tape and into the victim's room.

Thomas Andrews' room looked like what any person would expect from a normal college student's room; small and messy. Food stains here and there could be seen on the grey carpeted floor, that appeared as if it hadn't been cleaned for months. Crumpled bedsheets lay on the bed, sharing the spot with several articles of used clothing. A finished bowl of ramen lay on the table, all but the soup gone, seemingly left there for who knows how long.

The only eye-catching object in the room was a lone laptop sitting on the desk, plugged in with its LED blinking, signifying that it was on. Nathaniel seemed to pay it no mind however, as he turned to face the group. The young man set the briefcase he had been carrying on the bed, opening it to reveal four pocket-sized gadgets that resembled a modern smartphone.

" These are gifts from Professor Connor. They are custom-made units of the latest breakthroughs in the mobile phone industry. They will be required for you to carry them during club activities, though I would suggest that you keep them within reach at all times. You will see why... shortly. " Nathaniel explained, handing the phones to the other members before turning to Layla.

" Shephard, get the connection ready. It's almost time. " Nathaniel said, an ominous tone in his voice as he turned towards the laptop, a serious look on his face.