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Bandy will become famous soon enoughBandy will become famous soon enough

"I'm sorry about the first period, Josh. It kind of got out of hand.. That Nihiru, she's something else." Mrs Piche pouted a little as she ate her pasta.

"Hey don't worry about it, it got productive.. after everyone played a little blackjack." He chuckles a little: "Listen, I'm gonna go walk around campus for the rest of lunch period. I'll be back for the next music class, don't worry." He got up, and put away his food containers, and walked into the school corridors.

Now then.. Where could he be? It's kinda cliché, but I'll check the rooftop first.. That's the one place I haven't been to in this school.
He takes a quick glance at his cellphone, looking at the greeting screen to "Conquest of Vireans". Why did I start playing this.. I'm totally gonna forget about it within two weeks.

On his way up, he gets a few glances from students who seem to recognize him. He smiles brightly at them.

A few minutes later, Joshua arrives at the door that leads to the rooftop and opens it:

"Ohh Akihito, are you there?"

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