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"Good morning everyone! I hope you're all doing well. Before we begin, I'd like to present our special guest." She glances at Joshua in the back of the room. "His name is Joshua Blitzer. He will be teaching here at Blane Ahston for the remainder of this year."

Joshua gets up from his seat and walks towards the front of the class, glancing at some of the students.

"Hey everyone! You can call me Joshua, cause Mr. Blitzer sounds a little funny, heheh.. I have to say, you guys are lucky to have Mrs Piché as your teacher. She's really great; I used to be her student here, you know?" He chuckles, then whispers to her: Hey, don't forget the new kid!

"Ah yes. I'd also like for us to give a warm welcome to our new transfer student, Akihito Aizawa! Won't you please stand up for us, Akihito?"

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