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Bandy will become famous soon enoughBandy will become famous soon enough

After finally finding his destination, the tall young man proceeded to knock on a door that said "Teacher's Lounge". A middle-aged man answers the door:

"Yes? Hey wait a minute, why aren't you in uniform, kid? You can't expect me to let you walk around here with those baggy pants and those sunglasses... Go get changed!"

The blonde chuckles and thought to himself: That old man hasn't changed a bit.

"Hey Mr Eisentsein! Long time no see! I'm actually not a student anymore, I'm here to teach for a while. I'd like to speak with Mrs Piché, is she around?"

Mr Eisenstein blinks for a minute, adjusts his wire-framed glasses.. and suddenly, he shouts his ex-student's name in realization: "J-Joshua Blitzer!"

As he says this, all the teachers turn their heads towards the door with surprised and happy faces. Joshua walks into the room, and shakes all of their hands while answering all their "How have you been"'s, and "What are you up to"'s. He was surprised that all these people remembered him. It was probably partly due to the fact that he has been in the media quite a bit..
He felt a delicate finger tap on his shoulder, a gesture that he instantly recognized to be none other than Mrs Piché's, the music teacher.

"Hellooo Joshua! Are you ready for your first class?" She smiled brightly at him. She was short, had curly hair and seemed very energetic.

"I sure am, Mrs. I can't wait to meet everyone!"

"Hehe.. I wonder if you'll have any fans in the class today."

"Heh, well I don't have a problem with that unless they start squealing. That's pretty annoying." They both laughed. Josh glanced through the lounge's window, into the school corridor. He was curious to see what his "students" would be like.
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