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Default From Reality to Phantasmagoria


Black frills and white, heavenly wings with lace. A tickling grandfather clock and a mostly empty room that seems frozen in time. A young girl and a teddy bear with its head ripped off.


I'm sorry, Teddie."

She stared at the red-dyed fluff protruding from the bear's body, then slowly turned her gaze to the window being pelted by rain. She reached for her teacup on the small table in the center of the room, but pulled her hand away when she remembered that she forgot to call Janice to refill her cup.

The pattering of rain seemed almost like a melody to her. She ruffled her wings a bit and advanced towards the window slowly. Lightning flashed and lit her little room.

Bodies were nailed to the walls. One of the ceiling. They were all twisted in various poses which seemed like a sick ritual of some sort.

The little girl wasn't effected by this in the least. Her tiny lips formed a pout. She should call Janice to bring more tea and perhaps fix Teddie too.

Then, a solitary tear slid down from one of her snowhite eyes. She lowered her head and her hair which matched her eyes seemed to over shadow her face.

"It seems another phantom was born."


"So let me get this straight..." The incubus crossed his arms. It was seven in the morning and he was sitting face to face with a difficult man and a blonde bimbo in said bimbo's office, "You want me to go out and investigate what's going down with the disappearances? And find the missing people on top of that? What. The. ****?"

Mr. Le scowled yet Mrs. McCloud kept calm. The woman then spoke, "Yes, that is correct, Mr. Kagamiya."

Akaiito Kagamiya let out a annoyed sigh, "Look, I'm an assassin. A hitman. I kill people, not police work. I don't search out people and deliver them to their doorstep in one piece."

The woman smiled wryly, "Is that so, Shouyo Izayoi?"

"How the hell do you know that name?"

"We used to be co-workers in London. Remember Sheryl McCloud?"

"You sure didn't think very hard on your new name, then."

The woman shook her head. The amusement was very evident in her expression, "Nope. Anyways, I know you no longer do detective work, but just this once could you make an exception? I'll be sure to repay you, too."

Akaiito didn't say anything.

"So how about it? Will you take on this job?" She inquired.

"... Fine. But only since you're an old friend of mine, Sheryl."

She smiled happily, "Excellent! I knew I could count on you!"

"Oh sod off. Anyways, since you've already mentioned you don't want any obvious investigations going on... I'll go undercover as a student. Or something."

Mrs. McCloud motioned Mr. Le to go get something, and turned her attention back to Akaiito, "Great. Mr. Le is getting a uniform for you.. What courses would you like to take? Oh, and you take four courses one semester, then four different ones the next."

"Okay, so four courses, huh..."

"Eight if you think this will drag on the whole year."



The next day...

I can't believe I'm going to school. I'm one hundred and six and I'm going to ****ing school. The now black haired, dark eyed, 5'7" ordinary 'human' Japanese 'teen' thought to himself as he strolled through the hallways of the now lively school. It was almost time for period 1 and he was busy looking for his locker.. Thankfully I can shapeshift... To an extent. God, I hope their cafeteria has some decent food.

When he found his locker, he quickly threw his bag in and stared down at his black skater shoes with white soles. He rose a brow, "Eh. Whatever." He forgot the dressshoes he left at the hotel he was staying at.

He reached into his blazer's pocket and pulled out a paper with his timetable. He had music first period.

Well, hopefully this day won't suck. Hopefully this job won't take way too long. he thought as he closed and locked up his locker.

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