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Just a heads up to anyone who has lurked this forum. (Past and Present guild members and people who want to apply)

I'm Saphiro and I have been the Guild Leader to this guild for about a year now. (Level 5-12 Guild)

I don't have control over this forum so I made my own. We don't handle applications to join here anymore. Your best bet is to contact me in game.

IGN: Saphiro

We're looking for friendly, talkative, helpful people that are willing to attend guild crops (We don't sell guild points) and potentially talk and get to know us on our skype chat. We talk there daily. We're a nice guild, just that very few people know me/the members so they assume the worst. Anyway,

If you fall under those categories, are joining on your main character (I don't want alt characters) 18 years or age or over, plus do not start drama/ fights with others and are active (plays at least 4 days a week) then message me.

We are currently making spaces, kicking inactives and recruiting members.