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ty light
ty so much, and yes ive always been using backups lol
i have changed sets of my kali about 1 hundred times since i first read ur post XD

i dont think that i even play lunia anymore lol
ive been so entertained modifying it, it's SO FUNNY X3

i can make them look cuter ^^

ty Light
and by the way... ive read some of the stuff in this post... hum are u from Raging Lunia in ijji? cuz if so... than we are guild mates lol
i have now changed myself to OGPlanet EU Lunia cuz ijji lags a lot... so PVP is almost impossible
at least here i can combo tho ive kept all the ijji files!

now i also wanted to know if the klunia skinned files of darkeir have been unlocked already... could u check this for me please? :3 cuz i cant go in there...
so would u upload a link with the SkinnedMesh of her pls? ^^'

ehehe <3

XD ty Light!!!
My tia is now a Wyldur
its so funny to see her jump dash XDDDDD

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