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Originally Posted by TheBlackCatXIII
Laser weaponry will be in use within 50 years. i watched a documentary about it before. However, it is wise to keep in mind that military technology are always far more advance than we see / think it is. Strong powers constantly research and develop new weaponry for "defence" purposes. They might even have it now. who knows.
I realize military technology is usually ahead of civilian technology. But you still have to be careful of what you see on tv. We had the "Star Wars" missile defense back in the 1980s. (Reagan Announces Star Wars Missile Defense - ABC News)

But that's besides the point. As I've said before, the problem is not with laser technology itself, it's our atmosphere are the particles within it that may prove to be a prohibitive barrier for ground to ground laser weaponry replacing conventional munitions**. I'm sure we've already mounted lasers on tanks, ships, and aircraft. But for them to replace conventional munitions and arty is still quite a stretch of imagination away. (Some problems include: power source, protecting sensitive equipment inherent in large lasers, and the earth being curved.)

**Anti-ballistic missile lasers are a bit different from ground to ground lasers in that they're fired from high up in (or even out of) the atmosphere, which means the beam itself would encounter a lot less atmosphere, and would, therefore; achieve a higher effective range.

For more detail about why there are limitations, here's another wikipedia page (my boss is already filling out paperwork to fire me over this, I'm sure.)
Human history is the story of complaisance. While disaster is fresh in our memory, we take precautions. But as the memory of disaster recedes, we start to take risks.

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