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Originally Posted by Metty
After looking at the website that sells these "lightsabers", it's quite easy to see that these aren't the actual lightsaber replicas that people buy. These do not have the blade that is lit up to make them appear to be blades of plasma, nor does it say that these actually are lightsabers. Only one model from what I looked at vaguely resembled the hilt of a lightsaber even then it was only a vague resemblance.

To the OP: Read more before you post something like this so you look less like a fool when people actually click more than just the first link.

Some links:
Places that make the actual replicas: Welcome to
Custom Lightsabers from Ultra Sabers the Luxeon LED Lightsaber and Lightsaber Conversion Experts!
Video of what they actually look like to show that this article is full of shit:

Note that these use LEDs.
These are not created to become replicas of any sort, however your reply to prove why is wrong.

I've explained why this article considers them to be lightsabers on the bottom of my post.

For now let's just say that they are being developed to be a form of replica for this portion of the argument, and how the above reasoning is inaccurate.

While they may not be good "replicas", they are still modeled around the lightsaber hilt nonetheless.

As resourceful as you are Metty, I don't understand why you decided to link to the FX saber, which is on a different basis of being official and safe lightsaber toys for everyone.

It's quite clear that these laser powered hilts were not being built to use LEDs and speakers for fancy effect.
They were made for more realism, by using an actual burning laser instead of lights.

If someone really wanted to make a perfect replica, they'd buy this Class 4 laser hilt, and order the exact metal replica of a lightsaber hilt from the official star wars store.
He'd take the laser and control mechanism, start drilling holes and doing what needs to be done to make it function in the metal replica.

When the job is done, he'd have an exact replica of a lightsaber hilt shown in the movies, along with being able to use the Class 4 Laser within when he so desires.

That would result in the best realism of a lightsaber to date, but the creators obviously wouldn't want to get into any lawsuit for referring to the devices as such, and crafting them very similar to real lightsaber models.

The Truth behind it all -
The lasers are created for the purpose of providing the user with a strong and more effective form of laser pointing.

The term "lightsaber" is only used by many people to refer to these lasers, because of it's shape and design is very similar to those used in the movies, plus it's ability to show the entire beam, as well as cutting and burning material.

This is no different than a lot of things in the world and on the internet which are similar to something else in some manner, which have been labeled as something they are not.
Naturally, the person calls it by what is easier to remember and more familiar to them. It's much easier to recall what something looks like/functions like/feels like, when you think of something that it's close to, and your more familiar with.

This also has a dual purpose, for familiarity and memory recall of others.
When trying to explain something, people often refer to something similar to what they are explaining, to ease the understanding.
It's far easier to call it a lightsaber even though it isn't, because just about everyone knows what a lightsaber looks like and how it functions, rather than trying to explain that it's some plastic tube that releases a laser on the end, which creates a visible line that can cut, burn ect ect.

All of this detailed and easily confusing crap can be summed up as "It's like a lightsaber", and the general audience doesn't need any more explanation than that to know what it's similar too.

Any other research they do into it to better their understanding is up to them. Those who know what it truly is can educate those who are unsure to potentially better the knowledge of the whole, assuming they listen.

Also before anyone asks, I did do research, employed basic common sense as well as known facts into this post before making it.
Along with over an hours worth of typing and constant proofreading to detect flaws, and ensure accuracy. My apologies to those who hate reading a lot, but I'm a man who puts a lot of effort into detail.


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