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I've stopped doing any of those events for months now...

It's nice to hear about the EXP and Item Drop rate increase, but couldn't they just make it permanent on Saturdays and Sundays since that when they do it? They should realize not everyone plays on the weekend as they could be going out with friends, watching a movie, hanging out with their families.

If they did that not many people will rush on to play 2 hours for EXP and IDR increases... and possibly cause some lag (though not as bad as the lag from the Cannon Event, that's my only beef with it). If I was in charge I would do that and make DIFFERENT events for players to take part in that I've create with my team or even asked the players want they like to see or do.

Oh well, that's life for ya.

Did OGP forget, AGAIN, to turn on double EXP event!?

It's 7pm - 9pm for the East Coast, right?
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