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Default Assorted green/purple equips lv17 - lv40

lv 35 weak purple Heavy Armor Bottom,
Gaiters of Deadly Energy
250,000 Gold

lv40 Exceptional purple staff,
Shadow Servant
400,000 Gold

lv30 Inferior green Plate Armor shoes,
Pitch-Black Bertes Boots
175,000 Gold

lv17 Superior purple Musket,
Dreyse Needle Gun
20,000 Gold

lv20 Superior purple Rosary,
Resonant Mind
75,000 Gold

lv35 Inferior green Heavy Armor Bottom,
Dragon Scale Pants
250,000 Gold

lv35 Weak green Leather Shoes,
Chilling Witch's Leather Shoes

lv40 weak purple ring
Bloodthirsty Middle Finger
300,000 Gold

lv25 ordinary green Plate Armor Bottom,
Blue Prominence Pants
100,000 Gold

lv35 Exceptional purple Cloth top,
Vibrant Thinker's Coat

lv30 Superior purple Knuckle
Steel Sand Gloves
225,000 Gold

lv25 Superior purple Tonfa,
Mountain Village Tonfa
125,000 Gold

lv30 Weak green Plate Armor top
Arrogant Steel Mail
175,000 Gold

lv25 Superior purple AutoGun,
Mauser C96
150,000 Gold

lv20 Exceptional purple Broomstick
Graqarak Magic Broom
75,000 Gold

lv30 Superior purple Staff,
Resistance Cane
250,000 Gold

Also willing to trade for some Demon Scrolls.

Mail DanceMacabre to claim an item or discuss trading specifics. Do not whisper me, or risk the possibly of me being offline or simply AFK.

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