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Default [q] faq

Why does this matter to me if I only choose my own gender?
It doesn't. This guide is for those who choose the between the genders as if they were choosing between two entirely different classes. They're not entirely wrong -- there are enough skill differences that can warrant different skill builds.

For example, a Female Ranger wouldn't max Gun Dance, because of its terrible damage, while a Male Ranger maxing Wild Shot is viable for PvE because of its high damage per shot. Or, a Female Mechanic could max one of the G series bots because of their ability to keep them summoned indefinitely by transforming back and forth.

Why are some skills missing?
This guide covers the differences between Male and Female Gunners. If the skill is exactly same between the two, I will not mention it. This guide is not meant to replace a Skill Calculator/Planner, but supplement it.

Why didn't you compare the Awakenings? Those are important in helping me decide which gender to choose!

Because Females do not have their Awakenings yet, and because I personally don't believe that it should be the main deciding factor in which gender you choose. You won't get your Awakenings until you complete the lv48 quest anyway, and when you do, the skill will have an extremely high cooldown, making it only a one or two time use. What if you hate your gender's playstyle, but love the Awakening? You will have to bear with a character that you won't even like that much for the majority of the game, all just to get one skill. Focus on your primary skills first. The Awakenings should be nothing more than a perk or an afterthought.

So I see a list of differences. How do I know which version is the better skill?

Rule of thumb: whichever skill you can use more often. That implies lower cooldowns or more uses per skill cast. More uses = more damage. Some skills may have a few hundred damage gap, but that damage gap can be easily reversed if you can get more hits or uses in.

So which gender is better for each class?
There is no better gender for each class, only possibly better for a certain style.
For example, the Male Mechanic's bots have a lower cooldown, making them better at Land Runner and Time Bomb detonation, while the Female is better at using the G-series because the higher transformation bonus allows her to keep them out indefinitely.

However, this does not mean that the other gender is useless if they have the inferior version of a skill. Any Ranger can get Windmill/Topspin, Headshot, MultiHeadshot, and Wild Shot/Gun Dance, and any Spitfire can get all three grenades. This guide will just help you pick a gender if there's a certain set of skills that you would absolutely love to have and specialize in.

Then where can I plan my skill build?
AradSociety - Skill Planner

This is is the easiest one to use, and it generally updates along with DFO.

Lastly, if you have any other questions, free free to ask here or message me, and if you find something that I didn't catch, feel free to point that out now. This guide will be updated as I see fit.

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