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Default [L0] The Launcher: the High Road or Low Road

[L0] The Launcher: the High Road or Low Road
The Launcher is a heavy hitter, being able to pull out rifles, cannons, flamethrowers, gatling guns out of nowhere. Although Launchers excel at linear ground combos, with some practice they can also pull off some flashy air combos or OTG combos as well. However, each gender is better at one than the other...

- [L1] How to Hold a Big Gun
You'd be surprised at how important some extra inches are to combat. Yes, Male Launchers hold their weapons slightly higher than Females, which makes certain skills have a different effective height range. Those skills will be discussed below.

- [L2] M-137 Gatling Gun
The fastest and most basic of the Launcher's sub-weapon skills. The Launcher pulls this gun out the fastest at a speed of 0.2 secs, making this easiest weapon to use in conjunction with the Sub-Weapon Crusher. A maximum of 14 bullets. When using this skill, tap the Gatling skill key or the normal attack (default Z) for the rest of the shots until you see the gun overheat. Hold up while using the skill to aim diagonally upward. Can shoot and juggle enemies in the air. Low partial percent-based and fixed physical damage. Press the jump key (default C) to cancel this skill early. 5.00 sec cooldown. Increasing the level will increase the damage. Potentially the highest total damage per second out of the Launcher's skills when maxed, but damage growth is very gradual and spread out over 20 lvls.

Male: Max firing duration is 2 secs, 0.6 secs longer than the Female's. Each bullet comes out one at a time.
Female: Max firing duration is 1.4 secs, 0.6 secs shorter than the Male's. As a result, a few of the bullets travel in pairs in order to get all 14 bullets out in a shorter amount of time. Can hit enemies lying on the ground.

- [L3] M-3 Flamethrower
As the name implies, a flamethrower. Flame is spread out in a cone shape, which some slight y-axis range at the end. Low partial percent-based, and partial fixed physical Fire damage. Damage growth is similar to Gatling, though slightly lower when maxed. Immobility/hitstun begins at 30%. Increasing levels will increase the damage and the hitstun on every hit. Only pressing the skill key will pull out the flamethrower, then cancels it automatically for only three hits. Hold the Flamethrower skill key to extend the duration, though there will be some end delay then.

Males: Max firing duration at 3 secs with hits at 0.3 sec intervals. Has a higher effective height range than the Female's.
Females: Max firing duration 2.5 secs with hits at 0.25 sec intervals. Can hit enemies lying on the ground.

- [L4] Steyr AMR
Shoots a blue spinning bullet that explodes. Probably the one skill with the biggest difference between genders. Draw time starts off slower at 0.35 secs, but catches up to and eventually surpasses Gatling Gun's draw speed at max levels (when the lvl cap is increased to 60, anyway). Partial percentage, partial fixed physical damage.

Male: Bullet pushes back enemy with moderate damage, with a delayed large explosion for very high Fire damage.
Female: Bullet explodes on contact. Total of three smaller successive explosions for slightly high Fire damage.

- [L5] Fire Pillar
A mobile and longer version of Flamethrower. Hold the skill key for maximum duration. You can move while using the skill, albeit very slowly. Hit intervals are faster than Flamethrower's but provide less hitstun. Starts off more damage than Flamethrower, but ends up with slightly less damage at max levels. Movement speed increases with each level. 12.0 sec cooldown.

Males: 0.25 sec hit intervals, 0.05 secs longer than the Female's. Has a higher height range than the Female's.
Females:0.20 sec hit intervals, 0.05 secs faster than the Male's. Can hit enemies lying on the ground at the end of the flame.

- [L6] FM-92 Stinger vs FM-92 mk2 Lancer
The Launcher's first On The Ground AoE. Shoots a missile into the air, which separates into fragments as it drops that explode as they hit the ground for high partial percent, partial fixed Fire physical damage. Hold the FM-92 skill button to send the missile farther before it drops. 20.0 sec downtime.

Males: Missile separates into 4 bombs, each dealing high damage. Damage per bomb starts at ~300 higher than the Female's Lancer, then increases to over 700 damage per bomb at higher levels. Bombs leave a high fire pillar explosion. Explosions also have considerable launching strength.
Females: Missile separates into 8 bombs, each dealing moderately high damage. Explodes along the ground and has little launching strength.


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