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" While depression is no doubt a common cause for a suicide, it has been also known to happen to people who are well-off, probably much more than you and I. There are a few things that link one suicide to the others, something that I will be getting to in a bit. " Nathaniel reasoned out, nodding at Rebecca.

Hearing Amber's reply disappointed him however, making him scoff himself before he answered.

" I wonder if you even do listen to the news, Lau. The health office and the police alike have no way to know when a suicide will take place. The victims have been known to show no signs of their imminent death... Until a certain point, and by then it would be too late. "

Nathaniel couldn't help but smirk at Keith's deduction. The boy was brighter than he gave him credit for.

" You are correct. As I said, we are much more than a mystery club. The next few days are going to be very important for our group. "

" Ah, and on an unrelated note. I shall be handling the bill for this evening. So help yourselves to anything you wish. Consider it a gift. " Nathaniel said, as he continued to observe the budding group with a discerning eye.