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Default [M0] The Mechanic: Kamikaze Bots and Orbiting Lasers

[M0] The Mechanic: Kamikaze Bots and Orbiting Lasers
The Mechanic is the master of magic add-ons who can summon a range of bots for a multitube of purposes, from the basic Land Runner for mindgames and zoning to the G-series sattelites for supplementary damage and closer combat.

- [M1] RX-78 Land Runner
The Land Runner is the most basic of Mechanic skills. Summons a small robot that moves along the floor for 7 seconds or until it reaches an enemy, then trips and explodes for percentage percent-based magic damage. Small AoE, but an AoE nonetheless. Casting time 0.300 sec, unless reduced by Casting Speed equips. Each Land Runner has its own level and HP according to the skill level. As this implies, levelling the skill will increase the Land Runner's power, HP, and level as well. Stats can be augmented with robotics.

Male: 2.50 sec cooldown, 0.3 secs shorter than the Female's.
Female: 2.80 sec cooldown, 0.3 secs longer than the Male's.

- [M2] Ez-8 Time Bomb
As the name implies, an (immobile) Time Bomb. 0.300 sec casting time. Explodes for high percent-based magic damage. Increasing the levels on this skill will increase the maximum time the bomb will stay out before it detonates on its own and the explosion size. Can be thrown into the enemy and detonated early with Robot Detonation. It also has its own HP (higher than the Land Runners') and lvl, but honestly you shouldn't even be near the thing because it'll take too long to destroy before the Mech blows it up early anyway.

Males: 6.50 sec cooldown, 1.00 sec shorter than the Female's.
Females: 7.50 sec cooldown, 1.00 sec longer than the Male's.

- [M3] Secret Land Runner vs Backup Land Runner
A passive skill that automatically summons a Land Runner for a set rate under certain conditions.

Males: summons a Land Runner when you are attacked for a very low rate and an extra Land Runner when you use the skill for a moderate rate. Maxes at lv10 for 10% chance when attacked, and 50% chance of an extra Land Runner when you use the Land Runner skill.
Females: Summons a Land Runner when you are attacked. Begins at lv1 with 10% and maxes at lv10 at a 100% chance of summoning a Land Runner when you are attacked.

- [M4] G-1 Corona
Summons a floating (untouchable) cannon behind the Mechanic that shoots a laser orb for low percent-based magic damage in a small arc at 1 sec intervals. The attack does not even flinch the enemy in PvP. Increasing the level increases the hitstun in PvE and the bonus attack power given to the other transformations in the G series. A required summon to use and switch G-2 Rolling Thunder and G-3 Raptor. The cannon stays for a long duration of time, but also has a long cooldown as a result. Casting time 0.500 secs. Transforming into this from the other G-series bots will give G-1 a few secs of extra duration time, but also gives a cooldown for switching back into the other G-series bots.

Males: Automatic firing at 0.6 secs, 0.4 secs shorter than the Females. Explosion size at 110%, 20% less than the Female's. Bonus duration from Transforming into G-1 is 2 secs, Transformation cooldown is 7 secs. Begins at a 50.0 sec cooldown and 30 sec duration. Increasing the levels increases the cooldown by 1~2 secs per level, but also increases the duration by 2~3 secs per level. Duration is longer than the Female's.
Females: Automatic firing at 1.0 secs, but can manually press the Corona skill key for a faster firing rate of 0.35 sec intervals. Fixed cooldown at 40.0 secs, fixed duration at 20.0 secs. Transformation bonus at 10 secs, Transformation cooldown at 5 secs. Explosion size of laser orb at 130%. Because the bonus duration is more than the transformation cooldown, Females can indefinitely rotate between the G-series.

- [M5] Robot Detonation
Detonates all of your Land Runners and your Time Bomb within a certain area. Land Runners will increase in speed then detonate after a bit, while the Time Bomb will leap into the enemy's spot designated when you let go of the skill key. Holding the skill key allows for more time to adjust to the enemy's position, in case the enemy is moving. Minimum casting time at 0.400 secs. Detonation area begins at 300px, increasing by 70px each level. Be careful not to make the area too big, as this skill can also detonate your combat mech or some Land Runners you may want to keep running.

Males: 5.00 sec cooldown, 0.50 secs shorter than the Female's.
Females: 5.50 sec cooldown, 0.50 secs longer than the Male's.

- [M6] G-2 Rolling Thunder
Transforms the G-1 Corona or the G-3 Raptor into 3 circling pods in front of the Mechanic. The G-2s automatically charge and light up as each becomes fully charged. Fully charged G-2s damage upon contact at 1 sec intervals for very low percent-based magic damage, but do not inflict any hitstun. Press the G-2 skill key again when all three are charged to release three short-ranged lightning beams forward for three moderate percent-based magic hits that do flinch the enemy. Duration and cooldown are the same as G-1 Corona. Leveling the skill slightly increases damage and the attack bonus for G-1 Corona and G-3 Raptor, though not as high as the attack bonus from G-1.

Males: 2 secs to fully charge. 0.5 secs longer than the Female's. 2 sec Transformation Bonus Duration, 8 secs less than the Female's.
Females: 1.5 secs to fully charge, 0.5 secs shorter than the Male's. 10 sec Transformation Bonus Duration, 8 secs more than the Male's.

- [M7] Air Combat Mech Tempester vs Air Bomb Mech Gale Force
As the names imply, the Mechanic's air combat bot. Shoots either bullets or homing missiles for AoE damage. Mech is summoned with a 0.600 cast speed for a 15.0 sec duration. Deals entirely fixed magic damage. At the end of the duration, the mech will sound an alarm and kamikaze crash into the enemy for high damage. Has the highest HP, higher than the Land Runners or Time Bomb.

Male: Tempester has lower gun power than Gale Force, but shoots more bullets. A total of 4 bullets per attack. Missiles have a higher attack power than Gale Force, but shoots only 2 at a time. Prefers to stick with its gun.
Female: Gale Force has a stronger gun, but only shoots 2 bullets at a time. Missiles are weaker than Tempester, but fires 4 homing missiles at a time. AI prefers to shoot missiles over its gun. Gale Force is slightly larger than Tempester, if you choose to attack it.

- [M8] G-3 Raptor
Transforms G-1 or G-2 into six laser pods that move to enemies and inflict, low percent-based continuous damage when within range. Duration and cooldown are the same as G-1 Corona. G-3s have a set HP and can be destroyed. Stops attacking for 4 secs when damaged. A max of 2 Raptors per enemy. Also gives an attack bonus to the other G-series bots, but the smallest bonus out of the three.

Males: 0.5 sec attack interval, 0.05 secs longer than the Female's. 2 sec bonus duration from Transformation. 800px recognition range for attack, 200px shorter than the Female's.
Females: 0.45 sec attack interval, 0.05 secs shorter than the Male's. 10 sec bonus duration from transformation. 1000px attack range. Attacks provide slight hitstun at 0.9secs.

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