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8/19 Tue - Evening

" Sir, do you need anything else? " The waitress chimed in as she appeared at Nathaniel's side.

" Ah, yes. Please escort my companions when they arrive. " Nathaniel requested, as he thumbed through several text messages on the phone, paying little attention to the waitress.

" Of course sir. " The waitress cheerfully complied, unmindful of Nathaniel's cold demeanor as she exited the Trattoria's VIP room, positioning herself at the restaurant's entrance.

The Tratorria prided itself on the quality of their traditional Italian food that no other restaurant in the city could match. It was quite the establishment, visited by quite a number of Altisa's students during the evening, when the restaurant was at it's liveliest. Of course, there were only a select few that could afford certain privileges, like access to the restaurant's VIP room, among other things.

The restaurant itself seemed to look the part in tradition as well, the floors, walls and ceilings possessing a lush wooden finish. Square tables laid with full sets of silverware dotted the most part of the restaurant, with a bar on one end to serve those who required more than a full stomach.

The hell man, I asked you to wait for me. I wanted to go too. - Layla

Nathan scoffed upon seeing the previously read message, the fresh memory of the ordeal last night going through his head. Perhaps he should have taken her along after all. He rarely ever wrote a response to his partner though.

Feeling the cut on his arm acting up again, Nathaniel instinctively rubbed the ailing appendage through the long sleeves of his black suit. Pushing up his glasses, the young man started to compose a text message for the club.

To: Velvet Room

I have arrived in Tratorria. When you arrive, mention my name to the waitress at the front and she will take care of the rest.

- Nathaniel Giovanni

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