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Default [S0] The Spitfire: Magic Shots and Enchanted Grenades

[S0] The Spitfire: Magic Shots and Enchanted Grenades

The Spitfire is your hybrid offensive class, armed with bullet buffs and explosives with impressive AoEs. Though Spitfires don't have the mobility of a Ranger, the linear range of a Launcher, or the homing add-ons of a Mechanic, the power provided by their bullet buffs or the AoE of their grenades are enough to give this class formidable versatility.

As aforementioned, Spitfires can either specialize focus on magical bullets or grenades. With different cooldowns and ammunition number, each gender has a definitive area they are better off specializing in.

- [S1] Grenade Tossing
There is a significant difference between the way Males and Females toss their grenades. It it important to know these differences to learn what style is best suited for each gender. Grenades operate by first loading a set number of grenades on the first cast, then the following casts will make the Spitfire toss the grenade.

Males: can ground toss grenades one at a time with little delay. Hold up while tossing a grenade to throw it into the air, and hold down to lay the grenade down at your feet. Efficient tossing makes the G-14 Buster a viable skill for any Gunner class.
Females: ground tossing has significant beginning and end delay. However, Female Spitfires have the ability to air drop grenades during jumping and or backstepping. Can air drop two grenades during each jump in PvE, and only one at a time in PvP. A later patch increases the number of tosses per jump in each mode by one, making it three drops in PvE and two in PvP.

- [S2] Silver Bullets
The most basic of magical bullet buffs that Spitfires (or any Gunner) can get. Allows your normal attack to deal additional percentage-based Light damage with each bullet for a set number of bullets. Super effective (deals extra damage) against Demons and Spirits. Begins at 30% additional magic damage, increasing by 6~8% each lvl. Has the lowest cooldown and casting time of the Spitfire's three magical bullets, but does not have any special effects like the other two. Casting time is 0.300 sec.

Males: 10 Silver Bullets per buff, one less than the Female. Cooldown is 10.0 secs, 0.8 secs shorter than the Female's Silver Bullet.
Females: 11 Silver Bullets per buff, one more than the Male. Cooldown is 10.8 secs, 0.8 secs longer than the Male's Silver Bullet.

- [S3] G-14 Buster
The most basic grenade that any Gunner can get. Deals fixed magical damage. Has the highest launching strength of all three magic grenades. Directly and consistently links to BBQ. 0.500 sec casting/preparation time, 8.00 sec cooldown. Starts off with the smallest AoE of the three grenades at 200px, but ends up having the largest AoE when maxed.

Males: 5 grenade ammunition, 1 less than the Female. Damage per grenade starts at 516, about a hundred higher than the Female. When maxed, the damage difference increases up to about 400 damage per grenade. Can only ground toss one grenade at a time.
Females: 6 grenades, 1 more than the Male. Can air drop grenades with a 0.5 sec cooldown between each toss.

- [S4] Freeze Bullets
The second of the Spitfire's magic bullet buffs. Deals additional water/ice damage. Deals slightly extra damage on Humans and Beasts. Has a slight chance of freezing (single digit freeze rates) when kept up to level for about 1~2 secs, depending on how highly leveled this skill is. Additional magic damage is equivalent to Silver Bullet at low levels (excluding super effective damage) and only slightly lower than Silver Bullet damage at near max levels. 0.400 sec cooldown.

Male: 12.0 sec cooldown, 1.0 sec shorter than the Female's. 10 Bullets per buff, 1 bullet less than the Female.
Female: 13.0 sec cooldown, 1.0 sec longer than the Male's. 11 Bullets per buff, one more than the Male's.

- [S5] G-35L Flash Bang
The second of the Spitfire's magic grenades. Deals high percentage-based Light damage. Has a signifcant chance of electrocution for 5 secs when kept up to level. Launching strength is signifcantly lower than G-14 Buster's. 0.500 sec casting/preparation time, 10.0 sec cooldown. Ammunition is 1 grenade less than G-14 Buster. Starts out with a slightly larger AoE than G-14 Buster by 20px, then AoE ends up slightly smaller than G-18 Buster at near max levels.

Male: starts at about 500% magical attack, about 100% more damage than the Females. Damage difference increases to approximately 300% per grenade at max level. 4 Flash Bangs, 1 less grenade than the Female.
Female: less damage than the Male's. 5 Flash Bangs, 1 more than the Male. Can air drop grenades with a cooldown of 0.75 sec per drop.

- [S6] Blazing Bullet
The third and last of the magic bullet buffs. As the name implies, this buff gives your normal attacks additonal Fire damage. Longest cast time of all three magic bullets at 0.500 secs, and longest cooldown as well. Super effective against Plants, Buildings, Insects, and Armors. Bullets can explode twice, once from hitting the enemy, and a second time from hitting the ground, potentially allowing for three hits per shot. Weaker percent damage per shot than the other two bullets.

Males: 10 Blazing Bullets, one less than Females. 18.0 sec cooldown, 1.5 secs shorter than the Female's.
Females: 11 Blazing Bullets, 1 more than the Male's. 19.5 sec cooldown, 1.5 secs longer than the Male's.

- [S7] G-18C Freeze Grenade
The last of the three magic grenades. As the name implies, the grenade inflicts water/ice damage and has a signifcant chance of freezing for at least 3 secs when kept up to level. Deals fixed damage higher than G-14 Buster. Begins with the largest size AoE, but grows most slowly and ends up as the smallest AoE of the three grenades as they are leveled together.

Male: Loads 3 Freeze Grenades, 1 less than Females. Damage per grenade starts at about 300 higher for the male, then increases as the skill is leveled.
Female: Loads 4 Freeze Grenades, 1 more than Males. Can air drop the Freeze Grenade with a 1 sec cooldown between each toss.

- [S8] Napalm vs Photom Bomb
A 0.5 sec charged shot at the ground that causes a large explosion that affects a large circle of land (starting at 270px) even after the attack for 10 seconds. Enemies in the affected area will receive certain debuffs or status effects and gradual, continuous damage at 1 sec intervals. The affected area of land is slightly larger than the initial explosive shot. Initial shot does percent-based magic damage, starting at 720%.

Male: Napalm inflicts fire damage. The gradual damage in the affected area is percent-based. Enemies standing in the charred land will suffer sizable Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduction.
Female: Photon Bomb inflicts Light-Based damage. The affected area will be electrified, causing incremental fixed damage and has a chance of stunning for 1 sec, starting rate at 20%.


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