Thread: Yay 4.1 Beta.
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Vaizado will become famous soon enough
IGN: Vaiki

I want to level all my vets to expert before the end of the summer and most of my non vets to lv 100/vet. lol

Vet Lv. 8 Musk(M)
Vet Lv. 8 Scout(M)
Vet Lv. 7 Brunie
Vet Lv. 6 Soho The Fighter
Vet Lv. 4 Grace
Vet Lv. 3 Musk(F)
Vet Lv. 2 Soho
Vet Lv. 2 Fighter(M)

Lv 80 Ramiro
Lv 77 Lisa
Lv 75 Wizard(F)
Lv 74 Elementalist(F)
Lv 57 Gracielo
Lv 56 Fighter(F)
Lv 54 Gertrude

I just copy and pasted from clan forum lol